Stupid Liberal Quote of the Day…RINOs pretend they’re Republicans

“What we saw with this ridiculous opposition dump on Newt was nothing short of Stalin-esque rewriting of history.”

This particularly dumb statement, not surprisingly comes from RINO Sarah Palin.  Palin who loves pork projects that provide bridges to no where.  Palin who never met a liberal RINO she wouldn’t support.  Palin who to this day takes tax payer subsidies.  The ever conservative Palin, who during her governorship, her state had the highest per capita amount of pork barrel projects at the expense of tax payers from the rest of the country. The populist who never met a liberal spending project or liberal spender that she didn’t love.  Yeah her.

Yeah well now she is backing the most liberal GOP contender (let me feign shock for just a second…I’m shocked, shocked!)  in the race, Newt Gingrich…although like a liberal she doesn’t actually have the spine to come out and endorse him, no, she wants to hedge her bets so that there won’t be a backlash when her boy goes down (because it’s really not that Sarah is a liberal, she’s not really anything, her only guiding political principle is saying or doing whatever keeps Sarah in the limelight).

But she seems to feel that the attacks on Newt are unfair.  Stalinistic.  That just because people in the Reagan White House can’t agree on what their opinion is doesn’t mean that it’s rewriting history.  What it means is he was a Congressmen, in the minority, one of 435, during Reagan’s years.  Most Congressmen are beyond forgettable.  So to rewrite history and say that Newt was a driving force in the Reagan years would also be “Stalin-esque,” wouldn’t it Sarah?  Newt probably didn’t have much to do with Reagan or his movement.   Partly because Newt is just an opportunist who will use whatever tactic he can to gain power.

But let’s see what the biggest impression Newt made on Reagan and his copious diary entries…

From page 123 of the Reagan Diaries, Monday January 3rd.  “Newt Gingrich has a proposal for freezing the budge at the 1983 level.  It’s a tempting idea except it would cripple our defense program.”  Defense, that would the be central focus of the Reagan administration, right?  Thanks Newt.  I’m sure the Politburo wished your proposal had gone through.  That’s the biggest impression Newt made on Reagan, a fun but hopelessly naive idea.  That is the only time Reagan mentions Newt, in a diary that goes into detail about everything (even detailing how Prince Charles takes his tea).  Yeah, Newt you and Reagan were tight.

The attacks on Newt’s history in the Reagan administration come from the fact that Newt was the one who first tried to rewrite history, portraying himself as Reagan’s trusty right hand. If the attacks have gotten a little vicious it’s only because Newt’s claims were so preposterously absurd.

The fact of the matter is that Newt has a long history of endorsing liberal ideas when they are politically expedient and personally beneficial and endorsing conservative ideas when they were expedient and personally beneficial.  In fact I think he has a track record of making major changes in his core beliefs every 19 years or so…

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