Stupid liberal quote of the day…he said it, I didn’t

“I second-guess constantly…I make a mistake, every hour, every day”

That little Duh statement came from the moron-in-cheif.  Granted it’s more like every second, every minute.  But for a moment here let’s look at the correct things he has done.  Bin-Laden.  Heavy use of drones.  The trade agreement with S. Korea.  Uh.  Well there was ummm….and then there was…

I think more importantly is the other truthful statement that he didn’t say.  “I do one thing right every quarter, every year.”

And do I need to point out that good leaders don’t second guess themselves usually.  They admit when they’re wrong, but they are not constantly filled with doubt.

But then he goes from harsh truth to complete delusion:

“But when you look at the broad outlines of what we did, had it not been for the steps we took our economy would be profoundly weaker than we are right now.”

Barry, if you had cut spending, cut all taxes, cut regulation, cut the size of government, not declared war on private property, individual choice and businesses doing what they want (as opposed to doing what you want) the economy would be stronger.  If you had done nothing, the economy would be stronger.  Just because economies have a tendency to recover on your own does not negate the fact that your policies have done everything you could think of to halt, slow, and diminish that growth.  If you and your Keynesian ilk are so stupid as to think you’ve helped, well then there is no hope for you whatsoever.


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2 responses to “Stupid liberal quote of the day…he said it, I didn’t

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