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Food for thought…

Fact: Despite probably being the most liberal of the 4 GOP contenders, Newt is despised by moderates and liberals.

Fact: Newt, while a questionable leader, is an excellent politician in the sense that he knows how to get elected.

Which means he will be pick a very, very, very liberal running mate to win some of the middle.  To counter how much the middle and left hate him it will probably have to a Republican in name, but in practice someone to the left of Barney Frank.  You know someone who if they were ever in the Oval Office would continue all of Obama’s policies with passion.

Fact: With only a couple of exceptions, 4 years in the White House tends to age anyone 10-20 years.

Fact: Newt is 68 years old and a little fat.

Opinion: And he looks like he’s at death’s door.

Just saying…

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