Today is a good day…

I know I use this blog a lot to bitch about politics, society, and culture, other than the weekly meditations, but I felt like taking a moment to ignore all negative thing I could focus on and talk about some things that make me happy…

For one thing The Conservative New Ager will likely have it’s 10,000th hit in the next day or so.  We moved to WordPress in July after almost 2 years at blogger.  I can’t remember but I don’t think in those 2 years we had 6,000 total hits.  But in 7 months here we’ve had 10,000 hits.  Yay!  With readers in 98 countries and counting!  Thank you, everyone of of you.  Every hit, every comment, every repost, makes it more and more likely it will be found on Google or Bing or Yahoo and it helps me with my dream of being a writer full time.  You have my deepest thanks.

Republicans and Reincarnation sale are slowly but surely growing.  The first radio interview is this Sunday and who knows what comes next.

For various reason, which I will get to in an upcoming blog, I have not just found a suitable “well I guess I can vote for them” candidate in Romney but a man I can respect and actually believe will do the right thing.  Even better with each passing day I see my fears that he won’t be the candidate evaporate.

The Ingrid Micahelson album came out!


Today is a good day.

Oh, and happy year of the dragon.


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2 responses to “Today is a good day…

  1. Dirty Sex & Politics

    Congratulations on your 10,000th hit! You are quite the talented writer and quite frankly one of the damned smartest people I’ve virtually met! lol Keep going! You’ll be up to 10,000 a month in no time!

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