Liberals bully people they don’t like…conservatives actually make real responses.


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  1. I would ask that readers here take a look at both posts and their comments and decide for themselves whether anything I said was incorrect or over the line. I replied to her article – what is essentially libel – with straightforward honesty but received no real reply beyond complaints about being confronted.

    • You did, in fact, receive a reply. I pointed out that you left out facts, twisted information, and (compared to what has actually been said on your blog, see what TCN posted in his article, which is linked in my post) lied about the circumstances in your church help and insurance.

    • Cathy

      I have read the original article and all of the comments. I will state to begin with that I am conservative and so obviously lack humanity.

      The Bloggers original article was an actual response to the picture put out by a person with personal issues basically begging for sympathy and also money (as I also looked at his blog). There was no need for her to look for additional info or facts as she was only dealing with the picture and it’s premise.

      I realize that many people who use only their feelings have difficulty dealing with reality and facts. She made comments based on what was presented only. She made no comments relating to the value of the person as a person or whether he is a good person or a good friend. For people to respond to something that was not involved in the article is again a demonstration of their ability to not face reality or facts. The only pertinent comments would be based on the actual article she wrote – were her assumptions incorrect based on the info provided, etc.

      I will go further then she did and state that that my initial reaction to posts like this are disgust. I find people who whine and try to play on people’s feelings repulsive. I would be sympathetic to a person you stated that they needed help for a medical condition and what that help would provide and then if I was interested I would ask for more info and then decide if I should donate. But to put out a poster to make a political statement along with a request for sympathy is silly and pointless. Politics should be based on reality and facts – not feelings. That is the problem with half this country.

      In reviewing the many comments I also again looked at the blog of the gentleman with the cancer and found that he had posted the young ladies picture and additional info about her. I again would call that aggressive behavior as you were actually asking for people to attack her to support you. Again a definite lack of character.

      In your last response you felt that there were no threatening responses to her. Is there something wrong with you! I would say that beyond the actual threat (I kill ……) you are a stupid ……..) many of the responses of your friends were very aggressive. Just because you did not receive the response you wanted does not deserve the rude comments given to the lady. And for someone to call what she wrote libel when they can not see the threat in the above statement is beyond the pale.

      You also keep trying to justify your poster and need for sympathy. The point is that many (I would hazard a guess that most of us) have problems in life and many of them are at the level as yours. The main point of your poster regardless of the facts involved is that you believe that the world or our country owes you medical care and obviously everything else you need in life and you are not receiving that. I contend that once you and your ilk get your way you will find out that you and many others will not longer receive any care and I am sure you will like it when that occurs. But since as I have already stated I lack humanity I would like to state that you are not owed anything in life. Life is not fair and often sucks. I am actually sorry that you have cancer and since I work in the medical arena I know that it can be very devastating. But I would hazard a guess that most of us even with full insurance do not have the money to pay our part or the medical bills that we would then owe so since you have been given care at no cost to you then I would say you came out ahead of most of us. Again my inhumanity – I also know that personal life style and view of life affects greatly on those who acquire cancers. You never actually state the type of cancer you have (maybe you did in your blog but honestly I only skimmed) and might that have some bearing on your cancer?

      The point is if you want to discuss the additional details of your life then you should have then offered her the specifics and then asked her to analyze.

      I think I am rambling now – there were comments about Fox news in the comments and other things so I must assume that you and all your friends are liberal so always believe that it is someone else’s problem to solve your problems. I am sorry that kind of philosophy rarely works for anyone.

      Anyway you last asked for comments and hopefully this fulfills your request.

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