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Today is a good day…

I know I use this blog a lot to bitch about politics, society, and culture, other than the weekly meditations, but I felt like taking a moment to ignore all negative thing I could focus on and talk about some things that make me happy…

For one thing The Conservative New Ager will likely have it’s 10,000th hit in the next day or so.  We moved to WordPress in July after almost 2 years at blogger.  I can’t remember but I don’t think in those 2 years we had 6,000 total hits.  But in 7 months here we’ve had 10,000 hits.  Yay!  With readers in 98 countries and counting!  Thank you, everyone of of you.  Every hit, every comment, every repost, makes it more and more likely it will be found on Google or Bing or Yahoo and it helps me with my dream of being a writer full time.  You have my deepest thanks.

Republicans and Reincarnation sale are slowly but surely growing.  The first radio interview is this Sunday and who knows what comes next.

For various reason, which I will get to in an upcoming blog, I have not just found a suitable “well I guess I can vote for them” candidate in Romney but a man I can respect and actually believe will do the right thing.  Even better with each passing day I see my fears that he won’t be the candidate evaporate.

The Ingrid Micahelson album came out!


Today is a good day.

Oh, and happy year of the dragon.


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Liberals bully people they don’t like…conservatives actually make real responses.


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Humorous quote of the day.

“I’m a Ronald Reagan Republican. I believe in the 11th commandment”

It’s those other ones…like false witness and adultery he’s not so hot on.

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Stupid Quote of the Day

It’s not really a liberal quote per se…but the underlying psychology is what creates a lot of liberal political belief.

I saw this picture make the rounds on facebook the other day.


It seems like a hopeful statement of compassion and thankfulness.  So what’s the problem?

“Much more than I deserve.”  That’s my problem.  The idea that you are unworthy.  The Bible states we are made in God’s image.  The Bhagavad-Gita states that the soul is unchangeable and a piece of God himself (Chapter II verses 24-30).  And of course in the second part of A Course in Miracles among the many lessons there are these three that you are supposed to learn and believe because they are true “I am blessed as a Son of God.” “I am the light of the world.” “I am entitled to miracles.”  And of course there is that Marianne Williamson quote I overuse. 

The long and short of it is that you are divine in your nature.  You deserve enlightenment, eternal happiness, and all blessings.  What could possibly count as “more than I deserve” after that?

But so many people believe they are not worthy of that Happiness which they are…and thus they prevent themselves  from experiencing the blessing.  God is infinite love and does not hold back on his blessing which are infinite.  The only limiting factor is what you choose to take for yourself.

And thus what seems like an uplifting statement is actually bordering on evil in that it reaffirms the lie that your are not worth what you have, that you are corrupt and given more than you deserve, that you fall short of what you have earned.  Not in the least.

(And it is this lie that you are guilty and inferior that liberals use to make you think that you have some obligation and duty to sacrifice your happiness for the whole.)

Try this instead “Thank you God, for helping me realize I deserve infinite Happiness.”

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