Two blogs I suggest you read…

One from Dirty Sex & Politics:

The Importance of the Little Black Thong

and one from me:

Books for Conservatives: Blood of the Fold by Terry Goodkind.

You probably won’t see what they have to do with one another until you read both of them.  But once you do ask yourself what you want to listen to when looking at Romney the boring capitalist and Gingrich the charismatic attacker of capitalism.

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One response to “Two blogs I suggest you read…

  1. Dirty Sex & Politics

    Well first of all, thank you once again for the link. I have to say that was one of my personal favorites as of late. Mainly the tie in. I don’t know if you ever do this, I kind of doubt it, but I’m quite the external processor. I can’t just sit and figure things out in my head. I’m one of those that if you ask me to spell something, I can’t do it in my head, I have to write it out. Well, in my writing I do the same thing. I think that blog was trying to work out in my own head the appeal of Newt. I liked the line you said in your blog about warning when emotion overcomes reason. I agree probably 95% of the time. Obviously, I leave room for when emotional decisions are appropriate. You know, sadly, I don’t want to support any of the candidates. But especially after the SOTU, I can’t believe how badly I want Obama out! (like i didn’t before! lol)
    I’ve loved having this conversation with you. Mainly because of the whole processing thing. I’m really curious as to how Florida turns out this week because it’s so strong toward Romney. Or at least it was!
    Thanks again Cris!!!

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