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Two blogs I suggest you read…

One from Dirty Sex & Politics:

The Importance of the Little Black Thong

and one from me:

Books for Conservatives: Blood of the Fold by Terry Goodkind.

You probably won’t see what they have to do with one another until you read both of them.  But once you do ask yourself what you want to listen to when looking at Romney the boring capitalist and Gingrich the charismatic attacker of capitalism.

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Stupid liberal quote of the day (Biden Edition)



Joe Biden decided to hit Newt Gingrich today, chastising him over his many affairs with the statement “People make judgments about our character,” which is a back handed way of saying you should judge Gingrich poorly for his affairs.  You should.  However, when coming from Biden, a man who has on more than one occasion stolen other politicians speeches and passed it off as his own,  statements about motes in other people’s eyes, living in glass houses, pots and kettles, or throwing the first stone come to mind. And that’s even before you start to consider that he is the #2 in an administration that was caught gun running and money laundering for the cartels. 


Yes Gingrich is an unprincipled SOB.  But to be criticized by someone far, far worse is farcical at best.

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