Stupid Liberal Quote of the Day…(Obama at Disney World)

It’s not so much a quote as it is an action…but let me ask you.  If you’re trying to boost tourism would you shut down a popular tourist attraction?

No, sane person would.

But Barrack Obama decided to shut down DisneyWorld Main Street USA to give a speech on how he plans to boost tourism.  


It’s doubly sad when you consider all the possible jokes about “shutting down Main Street.”  The comments about a Mickey Mouse presidency are also highlighted by this event.  Did Obama’s people really think this through..or did someone owe Leno and Letterman big time and felt they needed to sacrifice whatever respect Obama had left so that the nation’s comics would have weeks upon weeks worth of material?



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2 responses to “Stupid Liberal Quote of the Day…(Obama at Disney World)

  1. wait…does that mean I actually need to watch late night comedy for the next week…just so I can hear the jokes?
    Wait, I bet they will be on youtube. Nevermind.

  2. J Roycroft

    I can just picture the newspaper photo op…Obama standing in the middle with Micky Mouse to his left and Goofy to his right.

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