Weekly Meditation: Sixth Charka Listening

I’m going with a bit of a stretch here.  The sixth chakra is the chakra out our third eye, that is it is a chakra that deals more with sight in a spiritual sense than a literal sense, which is why I don’t have a lot meditations about looking at bright and shinny pictures.  However it is also the chakra of any form of higher intuition and has also been associated with one’s ears (although I’ve read other sources that have a separate chakra for the ear…hell, I’ve seen sources that list dozens upon dozens of chakra…the point is let’s not get nit-picky and just go with this as a 6th Chakra meditation)…so let’s work on not only seeing the truth in all things but hearing the truth.

This might be a little more difficult to do depending on your schedule, where you live and your life style, but I want you to just quietly meditate.  The catch, and you knew there would be one, is I want you to spend 15 minutes sitting (preferably lotus position) in a dark quiet place during the most quiet part of the day you can get the time (Right before bed or immediately after waking up might be a good call).  And now focus on everything you hear..this is why I want it to be quiet so you are paying attention to the silence.  Try not to think about anything just focus on the silence.  This will help you clear your mind and listen to yourself at a deeper level.

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