Thoughts on the eve of an election

Thoughts on the Eve of an Election— Podcast version

It looks like Romney is going to win in Iowa  with it more a question of who will take second: Paul or Santorum?

Neither option is great.  Paul would let the world burn and evil expand so long as he can have peace in his time (and why is it that no one but me compares him to Neville Chamberlain, it’s an all too obvious comparison?).  And Santorum is everything I hate about the Republican party, faith over reason, faith over Constitution, faith over law and ethics and state rights and free economies and everything that is actually supposed to define a conservative.


Does anyone remember we are Conservatives?  We believe in small governments.  We believe that few laws are better.  That we know how to run our lives better than the government and that if we don’t harm anyone we should be allowed to do whatever we want with our lives and our money.  We believe in state’s rights and local government more than federal government.  We believe that America is the city on the hill that is not just supposed to provide an example to the world,    but to put down the worst examples of evil in it.


And of course, I know I’m odd but I like to go through the raw data of polls…does it bother anyone that of all the GOP nominees, Ron Paul does the best in terms of favorability among people who identify themselves as liberal and very liberal…and shaves the most votes from those two categories off of Obama.  It’s like Ron Paul’s message of isolationism, letting Islamofacists evil expand without check, letting Israel burn in a new Holocaust, and implicit racism does very well with the people who like to tack the nebulous “Civil Rights Violation” onto every crime, require quotas for minorities (because they believe that minorities couldn’t make it on their own), and like to oppose any kind of reform that might actually help inner-cities.  And you wonder why I call the Democrats the party of racists (well that and their long standing affliction with the KKK).


Only real Conservative in the bunch.

The best case scenario is Bachmann winning as she is the only real fiscal and foreign policy conservative in the bunch.  Does she have some crazy religious beliefs?  Yes.  And she has also said she considers those state’s rights issues and she will not intrude on state’s rights issues (unlike Santorum).


2nd best would be for Paul to win.  As I said this will guarantee the electorate falls in behind Romney and at least we have the most electable candidate as our nominee.  Further this prevents Paul from mounting a serious third party challenge as he will spend so much time trying to win the GOP nomination that he will have no chance to re-gear his campaign for a 3rd Party challenge.


3rd best would actually be for Romney to win and Santorum to come in 2nd place as Santorum would be easier to challenge on fiscal issues than Ron Paul (given that Santorum doesn’t actually believe in fiscal conservatism…only in legislating what we do with our genitals and with whom).

You don't even need to mock up a photo with this guy...nothing looks less presidential than that sweater vest...yeah he got his ass kicked every day on the playground



Oh and a word on the fact that none of the candidates who have dropped out have endorsed anyone.  Gutless cowards the lot of you!  And an especially vicious “damn you to hell” goes from the bottom of my heart to Sarah Palin.  Not only is this idiotic liberal dressed in Republican clothes (bridge to nowhere, taking state money for her TV show, saying the only thing we need to do is spend more money to fix education, among many other bleeding heart stances) a coward for not endorsing any candidate until it appears she can safely endorse the winner, she continues to show she has no principles whatsoever.  Just look at 2010 where she endorsed only two categories of people (1) any woman who claimed to be conservative (even if they weren’t, i.e., Whitman, Fiorina) and (2) uber-liberal and opponent to every right listed in the Constitution, John McCain.  At least with point 1 you would have assumed that she would have endorsed Bachmann, right?  Nope, of course not, a Bachmann win might steal Sarah’s thunder.  Because to Sarah it’s all about Sarah, and nothing (the sake of the nation, beating Obama, unity within the party, the Constitution) should even come before Sarah and her checkbook.  No issues cannot be flip-flopped on, no professed principle cannot be shoved under the rug.  No conservative can be thrown under the bus fast enough to gratify Sarah’s ego.  She’s like the GOP version of Obama.


So here’s to praying for a Bachmann win in November and just hoping for an easy Romney win in November.  Clearly the Senate races are not only going to be important but crucial as we need to get Tea Party, small government (not just Republican) blood in there too if we’re going to drive Romney to always veer toward liberty.

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