Weekly Meditation: 6th Charka and the New Year

6th Chakra and the New Year–Podcast version

It’s a new year.  2012.  And before you even ask, the world isn’t ending.  I am making this warning just once, anyone who makes a serious reference to the Mayan calendar in the comment box of any post will be mercilessly humiliated.

But this is the time for New Year’s resolutions.  Supposedly.

I’m not big on resolutions.  Why?  Well just look at the most common ones.

Lose weight.

Go to the gym.

Get organized.

Learn something.

Spend more time with friends and family.

Things like this have two big problems.  First they’re usually so vague as to be utterly worthless. Not that specific would be better.  If a resolution is to lose 20 pounds and you do it in 3 months you’ve kind of set yourself up to have a meaningless next 9 months…and the other problem is that with most New Year’s resolutions is that you’re human.  You forget to see immediate results (primarily because we are all going to take the next two weeks to decompress off the holiday season) which means we start off the year not in the best psychological state to make major changes and then we get into a cyclical problem of not seeing results and feeling like we’re failing, and it just results in failure and giving up on the resolution.  Doesn’t quite help.  If resolutions work for you, great, use them.  But I’m just thinking that for the majority of people they don’t work…so let me suggest something in their place which will have the added advantage of harnessing the power of the sixth chakra and maybe bring some more balance to the energy of this chakra.

You only need to do it once this week, but if you can do it every day great, it will help imprint the images in your mind.

I want you to sit in a quiet place with no major distractions.  And either candle gazing or closing your eyes (probably better as you’re going to want to receive visual images) sit and take several slow breaths.  Ask whatever higher-power or their intermediary you believe in (I usually ask the Archangel Michael)  to cleanse you and all your chakras of all negative energy and protect you from any negative energies while you do this meditation.  Now, again talking to the whatever name you attribute to God, affirm that you are not afraid of knowing the truth of your past, your present, or your future.

 Now ask what your life will be like in a year if you continue on the path you are currently on?

Take a few minutes (15 if you can) and let images and impressions wash over you.  Don’t force it.  Just try and let your mind be blank and whatever comes into your mind, make a record of it in your memory and then return your mind to a blank.  When you are done write down everything you saw and felt.

Now here is where this will help.  Once again clear your energies, affirm that you are not afraid of the truth and ask to know what your life will be like in a year if you make only correct choices in your life.  And again let the images wash over you and record them when you are done.  Don’t force it.

I assume that if you are on a good course right now you’ll admit there are moments when you hesitate too long, moments when you don’t think it out long enough, moment when you should trust your gut and don’t and moments you should contemplate what to do and don’t.  The fact is that no resolution can account for every single possibility that can come up.  But if you are open in this meditation you might have an idea of where you are currently going and where you want to be.  And if you know where you want to go, then as every choice and situation comes up all you will have to do is ask, “Which option will lead me to where I want to be?”

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