The Random thoughts of December

Oh joy, Obama wants another 1.2 Trillion.  But I’m sure this will be the last time that he needs another loan.  Just like the time your worthless brother-in-law asked for a loan…I’m sure he didn’t need another loan just a few months later.

Damn all the Senators and House members who voted for the Defense Spending bill that basically overturned the Bill of Rights (Republicans and Democrats included…although it appears it was Obama who demanded the unconstitutional language).  Can’t wait for the 7-2 vote from the Supreme Court that strikes it down (7-2 because I don’t think Kagan and Sotomayor have ever read the Constitution or understand that the Bill of Rights is superior to Obama’s will).

Bin Laden. Kaddafi.  Kim Jung Il.  Chavez with cancer.  It’s been a good year.  Let’s hope next year is even more productive.

Exactly why haven’t we bombed the shit out of a ten mile radius around where we think our drone is being kept in Iran?  Oh that’s right for the same reason we didn’t bomb every terrorist base in Lebanon and all of Iran when they captured CIA operatives.  Because we have a gutless coward who hates America in the White House.

If I had not spent 7 hours in a car on the 26th I would have probably done a blog on the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Soviet Union.  However, looking over the headline everyone else seemed to ignore such a wonderful holiday.  Why?

How to prove you’re an idiot in one easy step…leave Bachmann for Ron Paul would be a start.  But then being offered an excuse for this unbelievably harebrained move was money, but denying that is even dumber.  Hell you had an excuse for making such a monumentally stupid move…take it.
Hmmm. Every candidate in history has at least one dumb position.  Bachmann’s is her stance on gays…which she has said is a state’s rights issue and she’s not going to override states.  Romney’s is, if he’s telling the truth about doing the best he could with a liberal state legislature, is that he’s not a fighter.  Perry, Santorum, Gingrinch is that they’re big government liberals.  Huntsman is that he wants to bow down to his Chinese overlords.  But really, Paul, his biggest idiot statements revolve around the fact that he sees absolutely no problem with evil conquering the world and killing billions of people so long as they leave the U.S. for last.  When your idiocy makes Neville Chamberlain look bright, you clearly do not deserve to be in any office.

While I want Bachmann to win Iowa…if I can’t have that I actually want Paul to win.  Why you ask, when I would just be as happy if this anti-Semite would disappear and never be heard from again?  Well, because if Bachmann can’t win Iowa she’s done, which means I have no choice left but Romney (goddamn do I hate saying that), but nothing will scare the rest of the electorate into falling behind Romney like a Paul win in Iowa.  This will let Romney run as a moderate in the primary and thus take the middle during the national election more easily.

The top 2011 movies blog is coming soon…but it’s a sad list.  You are only going to get a top 5 list because there have not been enough good movies to justify a top 10 list.  Don’t believe me, go look at what some critics are putting out as top 10 lists…they’re full of overly pretentious films that are only made for critics (who in my opinion are a separate species that at some point in the last couple hundred years split off from homo-sapiens and are marked by a complete lack of ability to judge good art from bad.)

I’m not entirely shocked Iraq is not going well after we left.  I’ll admit I had hoped it would be more stable and that we had built up a more stable infrastructure.  I blame Obama for pulling out to early.  I blame Bush for not having a plan for occupation.  I blame Bush and Obama and every person who opposed the war for not advocating taking out the primary source of all of our problems in Iraq and Afghanistan—Iran.  Money, training, insurgents, arms, and soldiers all from Iran.

Even with a GOP controlled House we got some terrible new rules

Eric Holder has to be the most embarrassing Attorney General in recent years.  Gun running.  Money laundering.  Lying.  Aiding and abetting voter fraud.  And his boss still has yet to demand his resignation.

And if your family or friends weren’t nice enough to give you a copy of Republicans and Reincarnation for Christmas, remember you can just buy a copy for yourself.

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