Voter Fraud – A Clear and Present Danger.

The Snark as always is insightful and right.

The Snark Who Hunts Back

Like the title?


It’s both a homage to Jack Ryan and Dirty Sex & Politics, who


mentioned this particular film/book in her post “Self-Manipulation” yesterday. Granted, my post has nothing to do with her topic in that post, but still…

It makes me think of Harrison Ford anyway…and that’s always of the good.

I had a conversation on facebook today with a friend who is substantially more liberal than I am. We usually don’t discuss politics, because it’s not a healthy conversation for us to have. We were discussing whether or not it is reasonable to insist the those who vote or register to vote, do so with a valid government issued ID.

Not surprisingly I was on the side that, yes this is reasonable and legal, she was not.

The articles that sparked this conversation? Two opinion pieces (and hatchet jobs) from the New York…

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