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Ron Paul Is Crazy, Part 4,018,663 (Via RED STATE)

Bourbon Conviction

Hey folks…I’m on vacation hiding out in parts undisclosed until 2012. I hope you all had a great Christmas and got everything you deserved. Until then I may throw out an occasional bone for you to chew on like this one from Leon H. Wolf. 
– JRoycroft

Ron Paul is Crazy, Part 4,018,663

 Posted by Leon H. Wolf (Diary)

Tuesday, December 27th at 4:30PM EST

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Know what I’m curious about? I’m curious as to whether there is any video out there of some citizen journalist shoving a microphone in Ron Paul’s face and asking him about some conspiracy theory – any conspiracy theory at all – and Paul just flatly tells the person asking the question that he’s being ridiculous. We already have Ron Paul on the record grousing aloud about the grassy knoll and (under the most charitable possible interpretation of the facts) humoring 9/11 truthers

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Will the Last Job Creator to Leave California Please Turn Off the Lights?

International Liberty

I’ve written before about whether California is the Greece of America, in part because of crazy policies such as overpaid bureaucrats and expensive forms of political correctness,

And we all know that California has one of the nation’s greediest governments, imposing confiscatory tax rates on a shrinking pool of productive citizens.

So it is hardly surprising that the Golden State is falling behind, losing jobs and investment to more sensible states such as Texas.

But not everybody is learning the right lessons from California’s fiscal and economic mess.

There’s a group of crazies who want to increase the top tax rate by five percentage points, an increase of about 50 percent. And they have made Kim Kardashian the poster child for their proposed ballot initiative.

I’m relatively clueless about popular culture, but even I’m aware that there is a group of people know as the Kardashian…

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