How to get your ass FRAGGED in one easy step…


How to get fraged in one easy step

Remember a week ago when I pointed out that atheists were effectively a religion because their beliefs were based entirely on an article of faith (Unless, in defiance of the very laws of logic they have proven that God doesn’t exist…I’m waiting for that argument).  And then I pointed out that this religion is far more vicious than most in that it not only demands that it be free to practice its religion but that no one has the right to practice any other religion…which ranks them up there with the Puritans and Islam in terms of religious intolerance.  But as you’ll recall I also mentioned that there was an ass in the military who was demanding an atheist chaplain.  I said that as that’s his religion, and he is putting his life on the line he had every right to demand whatever spiritual service he wanted (even if it was one that was meant only to insult everyone else’s beliefs).  Well, as it turns out, I may have to change my opinion on this guy…

Why? you ask.  Because not only does this ass want an atheist chaplain, which may be his right under the First Amendment (the first amendment does guarantee your right to be a complete asshole, I only suggest you not exercise it to that extent), he wants to stop other soldiers from praying.  This (please insert the expletive of your choice) actually believes that because he doesn’t believe in God, in defiance  of a huge pile of circumstantial evidence and reason, gives him the right to forbid other soldiers from praying to God before putting their lives in jeopardy.  This man, Jason Torpy, whose face will soon likely and justifiably be next to the definition of the military term FUBAR , believes he has the right to tell other people how to live their lives because of his beliefs.  He complains that he was excluded and it was wrong for the men to take time out of a military mission to engage in prayer.  To think that you’d pray before going into combat.  How terrible!  When someone ends up fraging this excuse for an officer, I’m not going to shed a single tear…I’m not saying that his men should debase themselves by stooping to such a level (which is still a few levels above Torpy), it’s just likely that it’s going to happen to someone who cares so little for his men (and I would suspect that this level of disdain for him men probably extends to all of his command decisions).

Do I hate this guy because of his beliefs about God?  No, I hate him because while he leads an organization laughably called “Military Atheists and FreeThinkers” which supports all free thought that marches in perfect goose step with their rigid beliefs and decries anything that is not pure atheistic belief, (yeah real free thinkers there)– he’s a hypocrite that will not defend anyone else’s free thoughts; I hate him because he is a terrible commander and he will get his men killed if he is allowed to stay in the field.  Someone who doesn’t realize the psychological benefit to prayer before a situation where you could die and pettily states “It was a critical time that could have better spent focused on other areas”  has no business being given command over soldiers. Yeah because the psychological well-being of your men has nothing to do with the good of a mission.  I can only image how good awfully horrible an officer this man is given that he has no understanding of how to keep morale up and how to deal with him men.

Again I would like to warn this idiot that the men under his command are probably familiar with the term frag, and I would like to remind this Captain’s superiors that Private is probably a much more fitting rank for someone who has so little respect for the beliefs and rights of the men under his command.  Perhaps he should enlist in the Chinese army, they’d let him shoot religious people there.

Also, as is all too typical of atheists he keeps saying that this was a Christian prayer and an expression of Christian beliefs.  You know there are lots of religions, and I would bet almost all of them are represented in the armed services, and probably almost all of them find comfort in praying to God before a stressful situation.  But this shows that atheists are not only full of bigotry and viciousness in trying to force their religious beliefs on others, but it shows the typical ignorance of atheists.  Every atheist I have ever met only knows how to tear down Christians and nothing else because they’re not so much atheists as they are Anti-Christians (which really suggests that this is some Freudian problems with their growing up if nothing else).

An officer who disrespects the beliefs of the men under him so blatantly does not deserve to be an officer, and a soldier who is so viciously opposed to the rights guaranteed by the Constitution does not deserve the honor of the uniform or the company of the people who do fight for our right to believe or not to believe.  And a man so petty should be decried by atheists as being their version of the Westboro Baptists.  If he doesn’t get fragged, which I would consider a miracle, he deserves to be dishonorably discharged.

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One response to “How to get your ass FRAGGED in one easy step…

  1. Northanhymbre Heathen

    Yup, these militant atheists sound a lot like like their liberal fascist brethren to me (some of them are probably both!) I once heard someone say (can’t recall who it was now) that it’s not necessarily religions that are dangerous, but human beings – this phenomenon of the intolerant, totalitarian atheist “free thinker” seems to bear that idea out…

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