Bachmann shows class and character again…


Bachmann Shows Class and Character

So gay rights activist didn’t do themselves any favors today. Hot on the heels of a great video that made the rounds on Facebook last week showing that gay people can raise children just as well as straight people…

…there is a new video that destroys all the good the last one did and shows that gay people are as human as everyone else, and can be absolutely terrible parents just as straight people can be terrible parents.

Take a look.

Now it may be hard to hear but the kid says “My mom is gay and she doesn’t need fixing.”
Sadly, the kid is very, very wrong.
Does his mom need fixing because she’s gay. Good lord no. But she does need fixing.
She needs fixing because instead of having the guts to challenge Bachmann on her own, to go and face Bachmann woman to woman, she uses the coward’s way out and uses a child as a body shield.
Clearly this child has been coached to say this. So this mother chooses rather than to take a stand and actually get into an argument with someone (and hell it’s an argument where almost* ALL the facts are on her side, it would have been far more embarrassing to Bachmann to have her challenged with a real opponent) she chooses to have her child speak for her because she is too afraid to justify her own life on her own. Such rank cowardice is sickening, and that she would use her child is worse.  And it’s quite frankly an insult to gay rights as it makes it appear it is a concept that can only be defended when you use cheap tricks.
I’m sorry, children should not be used as puppets in political and social debates. (But then again the left and it’s Occupy Wall Street kin are known for using children as human shield)

While children should be brought to political events and shown how a good citizen is involved (although given the massive amounts of crime and violence anyone who brings a child to an Occupy Wall Street event is clearly guilty of endangering a child), they should not be used as the mouth pieces for your political statements. Grow a spine and make your own comments.

But again thank you for showing that gay parents are just like straight parents—they can be complete asses or they can be great.

And kudos to Michele Bachmann for having the class and intelligence to realize that this child is just being used as a pawn. She gives the mother a dirty look (likely for being such a piss poor parent that would exploit their child for a political end…and bring a video recorder along for the ride, real classy, clearly the best interest of the child is always at the forefront of this parent’s mind) but for also saying goodbye to the child with a smile showing him that she bares him no animosity.
Also I love how this shows they don’t know who their enemy is. Bachmann has stated she’s not going to get in the way of states that choose to allow gay marriage. In fact how many times in the last year has Bachmann brought this issues up, as far as I know it’s only brought up by other people and she responds…as far as I can tell it’s not an issues that is important to her policy agenda one way or the other. A Bachmann presidency would likely see an expansion of states who allow it (if for no other reason than she would be a great lighting rod for the movement to use and encourage people to vote gay marraige or civil unions in, meanwhile she would allow state laws to be implemented…unlike say another President who feels that any state that doesn’t agree with him should be sued out of existence in complete violation of the Constitution) . Why not try going after Perry and Santorum who don’t understand states rights?  Or how about Obama’s miserable track record for gay rights?

*Those gay pride parades are a disgrace and really the gay community needs to drop that insanity and just go with the “we’re human and just like everyone else” line.

Oh, and before anyone misunderstands what offensive statement I’m making here, let me be clear, the fact that this woman in a terrible parent has absolutely nothing to do with her being gay…it has to do with her being liberal.

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