‘Tis the season of giving

It’s the holiday season, which is supposed to be a season of giving.  So below I have a few links to some charities and non-profits you might want to consider.  I’ll be honest there are few of the traditional charities here because I see providing food and shelter and researching disease to be treating symptoms of problems that would be better solved through greater education…but to each his own.  Just don’t ever money to the Red Cross, it’s possibly one of the most racist, corrupt and evil organization on Earth.  And supporting veterans and their families is a bit of a no-brainer.

As far as I know these 11 organizations are legitimate organizations where your money will go directly to the cause they say it will.  (Please inform me of any information to the contrary).  If you gave $5 to each that would only be $55…is your budget so tight that you can’t spare $55?  If so, then I hope this coming year finds more abundance for your life…if not…well it’s up to you.

Oh, and clear out all that spare change you’ve accumulated over the year by putting it in the Salvation Army cans.  You know you should.  It’s sad I need to remind you of this.

CIA Memorial Fund23 stars have been added to the wall of fallen agents in Langley since 9/11…they have families too that we often forget about.

Operation Shoebox

Wounded Warrior Project

Student’s First

The US Holocaust Memorial Museum

Gary Sinise Foundation

Army Emergency Relief

Navy/Marine Relief Society

Air Force Aid Society

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance

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