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The Super Committee Failure is a good thing…

So the Super Committee failed.  Yay! Mandatory cuts at last! And Newt and Rand Paul are right that this is a good thing.  It’s only with future spending.  That’s bad.

Now some conservatives are having a knee jerk reaction to spending cuts in defense…but let’s be honest here.  We all know there’s waste.  We all know that there are useless expenditures.  There is the half a billion to buy a jet engine the DOD doesn’t want …and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Redundancy.  Poor spending programs.  Too many officers not enough enlisted. R&D in areas the military doesn’t actually want or know how to conduct (please go read a book entitled “The Pentagon Wars” by Col. James Burton if you want to how bad military R&D can get…and although it takes some liberties the movie also gives you a general idea of how bad it really is).  Knowing what I know about Federal spending I promise you if you got real accountants and real military personnel in there to go line by line over the budget, you could cut not just future spending but 10% of current spending AND have enough to buy every soldier brand new body armor.


And cuts to future spending in entitlement spending is a good thing.  But it’s certainly not enough.  Entitlement spending is like most government programs, it sounds good in theory, “let’s help the poor and needy”, but in fact all it does is make the situation worse.  You want to help the poor, cut the budgets for Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, Welfare, Food Stamps, and Unemployment benefits by AT LEAST 50% over the next 10 years…not future spending actual spending because the more you cut the better people will actually be.  We spend $250,000 a year per poor person in America (the fact that they’re still poor tells you how much overhead we have in government waste)

Of course that’s still not enough.  We need to cut, cut, and cut some more until we can say that at least 15% if not 25% of each year’s federal budget is paying off the principle (not just the interest) on the debt.  Then and only then will you see real growth in the economy.

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