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Michelle, you reap what you sow…

As you’ve probably heard Michelle Obama was booed at a NASCAR event.  Now if you actually watch it, it is very small amount of people comparted to what you can probably fit into NASCAR stadium, but the fact is that she was booed (it’s more telling that almost the entire crowd was silent, not even clapping).  Was this in poor taste?  Yes, yes it was.  Not because Michelle Obama doesn’t deserve such a warm welcome at any place she goes, but because everyone should always try to behave better than the people you critique, and come down to their tactless classless level only when intentionally trying to make a point.  (Yes, I will admit I don’t always live to that here on this blog, but I’m only human, that still doesn’t change what the standard should be).  But still the NASCAR fans, while usually not my favorite people (I have no idea why watching cars go round a track is exciting, but if it floats your boat, okay…), but they were not completely out of line for what they did, just not giving into the angels of their better selves.  But, even ignoring the petty pandering involved in going to a sporting event you’ve never shown interest in (probably to offset the massive insult involved in not calling the World Series Champions) she has it coming…

What?  Michelle deserves to be treated in such a terrible way?  Yes.

To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid.

She has said she was never proud of America until they were willing to put her socialist husband in charge.  Yes let’s ignore the years of liberating nations, ending slavery, extending freedom and offering opportunity…yes electing Barry is the only worthy thing we have ever done.

“While speaking to military families at Langley Air Force Base, the First Lady remarked how she “never gets to do anything with her husband, and hadn’t seen him in three days…” reported the news organization [ABCNews].

She insults soldier’s families by saying to them that her life is so hard because she hasn’t seen her husband for three whole days…this to people who haven’t seen their loved ones for months.  Classy…(oh some idiot may try to comment that this quote first came from a facebook post…made by ABCNEWS which as far as I can tell has not retracted the quote or said that they misquoted her.  Now if you want to question ABCNews’ credibility, that’s fine…but it is a news source whether they posted it on facebook, in print or on TV is not relevant).

She has insulted the American flag on 9/11

Her face is clearly in some kind of disdainful emotion and it seems pretty clear to me that she is saying “All this for a flag”…granted it is lip reading and an imperfect science at best…but it’s odd in all the attacks on the right for critiquing her for this (for example here and here) they’re just attacking the attackers…they don’t offer a possibility for what she might have said.  How hard is it to hire a “professional” lip-reader to say she said something else?  How hard is it for the White House to release a statement, “No she really said this”.  I can’t find anything like that.  So we’re terrible people for thinking that she might have shown the tactlessness she is infamous for, but no one wants to question what it suggests about a person who can be so heartless at a memorial for 3,000 murdered individuals.

She displays the double-standard arrogance of nouveau riche and the clueless intelligentsia when she constantly critiques American eating habits (which I will admit are bad) but then personally chowing down on high fat, high cholesterol, high calorie meals at every opportunity .  Oh and she recommends we all have steak in a time when her husband’s policies are a major stumbling block in the effort to earn the money to afford steak.  (Some have jokingly make this a comment of “Let them eat steak” but this is an insult to Marie Antoinette who was never so publically and shameless tactless…even if Antoinette never actually made that comment).

Oh and who can forget this one: “And I had to think man, if I lived in a country that would be smart enough elect a man like Barack Obama.”  First that’s not a sign of intelligence, Michelle.  And second I, luckily, am in a country smart enough to not do it twice.

The fact that she wastes taxpayer money like it grows on trees…why should she worry there are always more people to tax…to go jet setting around the world.  To a tune possibly as high as 10 million dollars.

Add to that the selfish decadence that the Obama’s entertain themselves with on a near weekly basis at the White House  on our dime when the rest of us have to watch what we buy. Yeah she just comes off as such a wonderful human being.

I’m not saying that previous first ladies have all been saints, or that this was the most well mannered behavior by members of the public ever (although certainly better behaved than the Obama supporters at OWS who rape and defecate in the streets), but none have ever been so disdainful and vicious in their hatred of this nation.  And when you behave in such a publically offensive manner, don’t find it odd when you get treated as befits your character rather than as befits your job title.

But my personal favorite in all of this is that the people who I have seen complaining about are people who said NOTHING about the Anti-Semitism or illegal behavior of Occupy Wall Street.  NOTHING about the way that the Occupy scum was trying to hide the cases of rape from the authorities and make sure the rapists weren’t punished. NOTHING.  I know liberals who have critiqued these outrages, and if they want to critique the NASCAR booers as well, that’s up to them.  But so far I have only seen these comments from liberals who say nothing about actually criminal activity and actual evil, but will raise holy hell and damn the people who booed…but rape and Anti-Semitism get a free pass.  The Republican party has it’s problems with hypocrisy, double-standards, and misplaced values…but more often than not we know that evil should be condemned before bad taste—liberals don’t always seem to get this.


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This Is Why I’m Proud to Be an American

International Liberty

At a basic level, my attitude on patriotism is captured by this t-shirt. And hold the snarky comments. My view is not influenced by the woman modeling it.

Or, if you want something with more substance, this Penn & Teller routine is very instructive.

But this polling data, taken from a recent report from the Pew Research Center, captures what is great about American exceptionalism.

When I periodically express my patriotic feelings, I am celebrating my happiness that I live in a nation where a majority of people still favor liberty over dependency.

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Meditation of the Week: The Fifth Chakra

Someone pointed out that while I tied the first three chakras to the psychological outlook of certain psychologists (First Chakra—Adler, Second Chakra—Freud, Third Chakra—Jung) I had not done this with the 4th and 5th.  This was partly because I was waiting to get to the 5th because the only psychologist who I know of who covers these two is Abraham Maslow…also he is the last psychologist we’ll be dealing with because as there are so few people in the world rooted in the sixth and seventh chakras no one has yet to come up with a psychological make-up of saints and enlightened beings (although A Course in Miracles does come close).

Maslow’s psychology, based around his hierarchy of needs, actually coverers all the chakras.  The first level covers the needs and issues of the first two chakras, the second level the 2nd and third chakras, the third level which deals with companionship, friendship and love clearly deals with the 4th chakra, and his 4th level, esteem needs, covers the fifth or throat chakra.  The esteem needs are those, according to Maslow deal with self-esteem, achievement, and confidence.  We need to know our place and purpose in the world and embrace it with passion and vigor.  This is often why the fifth chakra is associated with artistic pursuits, because it is often through art that many people best express who they are and what they believe.  However one could just as easily do this through being an inventor, being a great businessman or manager…as long as you are doing what your are really good at and really enjoy you are in line with your 5th chakra and meeting the esteem requirements…granted not all of us have found that…that’s why we still have to do these little things, these small actions to spark the creative juices to help you connect you to what you should be doing.

So this week we’re back to silent meditation.  I want you to sit for at least 15 minutes each day (I’d prefer 15 straight minutes, but if you have to break it up into three five-minute periods that is okay) and while sitting  (lotus position if possible)  focus on your fifth chakra, the spinning blue circle in your throat and see it blindingly bright with light.  Then ask the universe “What am I meant to do?”  then clear your mind and listen carefully for an answer.  Try to keep your mind clear but notice what thoughts do come to you over the course of your meditation, they may be the answer you’re looking for.  If you can do this twice a day, once in the morning before you start your day (giving the universe a chance to answer you through some sign in your day) and once at night (giving the universe a chance to answer you in your dreams) so much the better. 

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