Christmas Trees and Stamps…

So the Obama administration said that there was nothing wrong with the Christmas tree tax, which they said wasn’t a tax even though it was a tax, but that they would not be putting it into place…

Let me tell you a story.

The most powerful nation in the world gets involved in a war that is fought primarily across the ocean. Militarily the war is conducted almost without error….diplomatically not so much. This nation at the end of the actual military part of the war suddenly finds itself in control of huge sections of land that it has no idea what to do with it and worse it finds itself really far in debt. Rather than tightening the belt and cut spending, this country thinks that it can simply tax its way out of its problems. This does not go well with the people who actually have to pay the taxes. This goes even less well with the overall economy. In fact the largest corporation in the country finds that its shitty service and products are so bad that they’re about to go bankrupt…but don’t worry, they’ve got friends in the government and this corporation is simply “too big to fail” so the government through a series of laws, subsidies, regulations and taxes makes it so that said too big to fail corporation is saved. The public is now provided even worse products, services, and prices…and they get the bill for this too. As you can guess this does another round ruining the economy. So the government decides the states aren’t competent to run their own state and tries to take more and more power from the states, declaring state laws null and void and all that. And then comes another round of truly insane taxes. These taxes are so quickly despised that the government overturns those taxes but says that they have the right to tax anything they want.

Oh did you think I was describing the situation that led up to this stupid Christmas tree tax?

I wasn’t. The war in question was the French-Indian War. The corporation that was too big to fail was the East India Trading Company. And that tax that got overturned despite Parliament’s so called “right” to tax the colonies was the Stamp Act.

Now as I recall the next step in this story is forcing the colonists to only buy East India goods, in effect saying the government can tell people what they can and can’t buy (can we say healthcare?).

Anyone care for some tea?

The good news is that in about a year we can get rid of George IIII—err—I mean Obama without any bloodshed.

In the meantime I suggest everyone go watch that scene in John Adams where they tarred and feathered a tax collector.

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One response to “Christmas Trees and Stamps…

  1. Hah, and so history repeats itself.. doubt there will be feathers flying this time around…

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