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Weekly Meditation: 5th Charka Creations

As we continue our 5th Chakra meditations we come once again to the fact that the chakra deals with creativity and imagination.  Now while these aspects of the mind can manifest in a myriad of ways in life, one of the most obvious is through art.  So this week I would recommend you to create something.  Write a poem.  Play a piece of music on an instrument.  Write in a journal.  Knit something.  Bake.  If you’re absolutely drawing a blank go back a few weeks of meditations and just sing something.


Just express yourself in some way….possibly with some quiet meditation focusing on the chakra in your throat.  And then meditate after you are done expressing yourself.  Look to see if you notice the energy of that chakra has increased.


And even better if you can do something every day this week.


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I love this guy, and I always love it when The Snark posts his videos. Have a look.

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