Meditation of the Week: Throat Chakra Chanting

After a week hiatus so I could watch some movies and get blogs out in a semi-timely fashion (I swear I’m going to make that whole series relevant to the overarching themes of this blog, you just have to let me get to the end) we come back to the weekly mediations.  Hopefully you have been singing every day for the past two weeks and I encourage you to continue singing (there are absolutely no downsides to it) everyday.

However this week we’re going to return to the more traditional chanting meditations.  For this week, while seated (either in a chair or in lotus position) put your hand in front of your palms up.  Rest one hand in the other and have your thumbs touching above your palms.  You should be making a circle with your fingers and thumbs.  Now chant the sound HAM.  (As always be sure to pronounce all three sounds of the word, as you can’t hold an H sound I suggest a very forceful H as you begin each time).  5-15 minutes a day and concentrate on the spinning blue circle in your throat.

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