Some misconceptions about the New Age

So the last couple of weeks I’ve fielded some questions about the New Age that seem to suggest people don’t really understand what New Age belief is (half the reason I wrote “Republicans and Reincarnation” was hopefully to dispel many of these misconceptions) but these few have come up in past weeks so I thought I would deal with them. Now some of these statements actually came from intelligent people, with working brains, these didn’t come from just my trolls, so I thought that another round of what New Agers believe couldn’t hurt. (After all nothing probably helped Christianity more than when they dispelled the claim made by the Ancient Pagans that they were cannibalistic…it’s their own fault really, drinking blood, eating flesh, when you use terms like that don’t be shocked when people don’t understand the metaphoric language).

So the first one that I’m going to deal with is the claim that New Agers don’t believe in God.

Now there are a lot of variations in New Age belief, and I certainly can’t speak for every single person who identifies themselves as a New Ager, but I think it’s a safe to say that we believe in God.

Every meditation, every book, every writer I know of that is associated with the New Age makes heavy reference to God.  And while there is no single book that encapsulates all the idea of the New Age, I would say a healthy majority will turn to A Course in Miracles which begins with the welcoming line “Herein lies the peace of God.”

Now how does this differ from most beliefs of God? Well we don’t believe you have your God and we have our God. For us there’s just God. Whatever name you call, you’re referring to God. Or in the words of author Marion Zimmber Bradley, “…All gods are One, and there is no religion higher than the Truth…” We believe in God we just don’t put the same masks that other religions put on him. And I realize that that last statement comes off a just more than a little pretentious, it’s not meant to. New Agers, at least rational ones, would probably admit that they put their own masks on God. We would just say that we are not trying to project our own flaws onto him as much as other religions might. No jealous or wrathful God here. Nor the many human issues of the Hindu gods. Certainly none of the flaws of Zeus. Definitely not a God that calls for genocide. For New Agers God is more along the lines of Aristotle’s definitions of the gods “reason contemplating reason” but more along the lines of “love contemplating and giving love” as we tend to find the two concepts go hand in hand. But I’m sure we’re missing something too…but at least New Agers are willing to admit we might not have as great an idea as to what we’re trying to comprehend using a limited human brain and even more limited human language.

But let me be very clear here, New Agers do believe in God.

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Next up…the claim that New Agers believe in many gods…

(And feel free to email me or comment about anything else about the New Age you want elaborated)


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7 responses to “Some misconceptions about the New Age

  1. Good post. A friend and I were just saying the republican party needs to shed the conservative god stuff…I am referring to the hard Christian right…it alienates many voters and brings in issues that really shouldn’t be part of the national debate when it comes to politics.

    • Actually, despite the stereotype the media loves to repeat, you can go to just about any conservative/Republican/Tea Party rally and find a wide diversity of religious belief and tolerance for this diversity than you can at the opposition’s rallies. Don’t believe me I dare you to go to both types of groups at one point drop the name Jesus and at another drop the name Buddha…I promise you you will find more push back to both names at the liberal gatherings. Now I will state that this is dependent on the area of the country, in areas that are extremely religiously homogenous you will both groups to be very religiously intolerant.

      But you’re right the appearance that the radical Christian right controls the party does hurt the GOP (which is probably why the media repeats it so often)…and idiots like Santorum aren’t doing anything to help.

      • Santorum…I was watching him the other night on a talk show and was thinking…this is a big reason why I can’t support the GOP…and I see many many issues on the Democrat side that makes me squirm….so….I guess I cast my vote to some dude in the middle that won’t win.

        • The chances of Santorum getting the nomination are close to nil. Why? Because no one likes him.

          • Thank GOD!!!….LOL…but get this stooge off the stage…I see Cain got crucified for saying something sensible about abortion…yet further indication that the far right still hold powerful sway over the GOP…excuse me while I vomit.

            • Yes the right’s policy of only voting for people who are anti-abortion rights at the exclusion of all other issues is idiot. But so is the left’s policy of not voting for anyone who doesn’t support tax-payer funded abortions on demand. The fact that this issue holds too much sway is both a problem for the Republicans and Democrats and it’s completely intellectually dishonest of you to only single out the Republicans on this. Both sides are absolute idiots when it comes to this.

  2. Agreed…abortion…same sex marriage…shouldn’t be part of the national public debtate…focus on security, economics, reducing our ridiculous debt, trade deficit, and infrastructure. These other issues are merely fodder and distraction.

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