Let’s make our economy like the Swedes…more Capitalistic!

As I’m getting bored arguing about why economic freedom works and redistribution of income doesn’t (there are two chapters in Republicans and Reincarnation on that, so you’ll understand on why this seems repetitive to me).

So let’s take a look at a country which the liberals love to point out as a model of a good socialist system.  Sweden!  A country whose public health care system is a mess.  Where vouchers have resulted in a strong education system.  And whose recent prosperity has been mainly due to…can you guess…replacing the socialist policies with the capitalist one.  But don’t take my word…

Contest for the comment section…what great puns did I miss out on making because I am not familiar with ABBA?

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One response to “Let’s make our economy like the Swedes…more Capitalistic!

  1. precipii

    Here, here fellow “GOPer”.
    Here’s hoping win one, and another, and another, and another!

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