Remind me again, which party is racist?

So there is video of an Anti-Semitic piece of trash spewing his filth at the OcupyWallStreet protest.

Now, it would be unfair to judge a whole movement by what one idiot says. However…

No one around him seems to stop him. No one seems offended by his Ant-Semitic statements, no one. None of the other protesters seem to find his comments abhorrent and tell him to shut up, or even that he’s wrong.

The OccupyWallStreet thing has been going on for what, two weeks? And the Right already has video of these protesters making racists statements.

And the Left still has yet to have a comparable video from the Tea Party after how many years? I even have to admit I find that odd, there has to be one moronic racist out there who doesn’t understand that the Tea Party isn’t racist and came to the rallies to shoot his mouth off; law of averages alone suggests there had to some racist morons, because any rational person will admit there are probably a few racist morons in just about any political movement–their ideas are not representative of that movement but every movement probably has a few idiot that latch on…but maybe it’s that since that kind of language isn’t tolerated by Tea Party members the idiots are never around long enough to be caught on camera. Maybe it’s because if you tried that at a Tea Party rally you would be shouted down, told how stupid/evil you were and would be advised to join the Democrats. You know the kind standing up for what is right and stopping idiots that you clearly don’t see in this video.

Or was there a video of Tea Party members making racists statements that I just hadn’t heard about?


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