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Anecdotal Evidence of the Law of Attraction

I saw some great anecdotal evidence for the law of attraction today. This will drive those in Ivory Tower insane because they deny that such a thing exists. Now most people are rational enough to realize that sometime in the last century academia took a clear turn away from reason and common sense and began to quibble over useless points and questions that have no rational or common sense purpose. For instance you ask any philosopher or scientist who has never left their office and classroom for the last decade; they’ll tell you that anecdotal evidence is utterly useless. Reasonable people however realize that 99% of life is anecdotal evidence and a heavy dose of induction (also unpopular with modern philosophy), that you can’t waste every moment going through pure deduction and conducting scientific studies because not all of us have IQ in 140’s or higher (about the top 1%) and not all of us have the ability or time to read massive works of philosophy while we’re still in high school when we can still think for ourselves before professors just try to fill their own biases into their student’s heads. And as such we find that induction and anecdotal evidence does often seem to bear out the truth. Not to say that people are perfectly reasonable, my blogs on people being stupid more than shows this…but keep in mind it’s often not looking at basic anecdotal evidence that they make mistakes, not because they’re going off of anecdotal evidence (look at Democrats, basic anecdotal evidence shows that government interference doesn’t work, but of the more “educated” liberals like to quote Keynes and other such foolish philosophers and show pretty charts and equations and theories ignoring that little tiny fact that it doesn’t work. You can blow their math and theories and charts apart too, but let’s be honest, again if you don’t have a 140+ IQ and way too much time on your hands, that can get awfully dull, most people prefer to just live their lives).

So knowing that it will drive some closed minded academics absolutely batty (oh don’t judge me, even some of the most enlightened souls in history have enjoyed tormenting the small minded with ideas their brains couldn’t handle), what would anecdotal evidence for the law of attraction look like.

Well, we already have the numerous cases of people who are successful endorsing things like The Secret, you can even see it in confirmed atheist Scott Adam’s book “The Dilbert Future” where he says that a variation of the law is what he gives credit to for getting him on the best seller list and making him moderately rich. But that’s hardly new. So let’s go to the other end of the spectrum. We would see people who even if they have something good they would complain about it which would just bring them problems and misery. You would see people who complain have big problems, and people who have small problems complain which would probably compound into larger problems. More importantly you would see that people who are negative, people who whine, people who choose not to look for the good but focus on the bad, have lots of things to complain about.

So imagine my, I don’t want to say joy because I didn’t take pleasure in their misery, and I don’t want to say relief because I wasn’t looking for proof, I already believed…let’s say intrigue for it came as anecdotal proof of my point just at the time I was engaged in arguments about the law of attraction (it’s almost like the universe threw me a prize to use). I give you a link to the whiners at “The Other 99%” These whiny bastards are complaining that all the problems in their life are because the rich in the top 1% control everything.

...and if he keeps complaining he never will be.

Take a look at these losers….

It’s fun looking at some of the things they complain about. That they’re small business isn’t doing well…it must be the fault of rich people and have nothing to do with the fact that they might not know how to run a business, because last time I checked there are lots of small businesses that are doing okay—maybe not expanding and growing, but doing okay—no it’s all the fault of the evil rich people. That they have medical problems and medical expenses are too high…and that has nothing to do with the fact that government regulation drives the price higher or that happier people, which these people aren’t, are healthier.

Or I really love the people who complain about their $30,000 dollar college loans and not having a job. This brings up two fascinating points, I’m fairly optimistic but if my college loans were only $30,000 right now (and I’m 30, a lot of these people look to be in their 20’s so when they’re30 their loans will be a lot less than 30K) I’d be doing cartwheels and singing at the top of my lungs.  (Not that I’m complaining, my education was worth every dollar). Whiners, you don’t know how good you have it. Second there are a lot of college grads complaining about not having a job. Right now the unemployment rate for college grads is 4.4% (much lower than the national average) and about 39 percent of the nation has a college degree  …so let’s see here (.044 x .39= 1.716%) 1.7% of country has college degrees and is unemployed…who knew that “The Other 99%” wasn’t the whiners but actually the rest of us! Oh and I love the people who have children and complain about not having enough to support them—I’m going to be really callous for a second, “Why did you have children, usually in the plural, when you couldn’t afford them?” I have former high school students who made the less than Rhodes Scholar choice to have children while still in high school who are paying their bills and going to college, they’re not jet setting the world, but they’re not doing badly either…if they can survive what possessed you to have litters when you couldn’t afford to feed one?

Yes some of these people have legitimate problems in life…but why (A) whine about it on the internet and (B) why blame the rich which is what this web site is about.

Gee it’s as if being a whiny bastard actually attracts bad things to your life. But that would only be a shit load of anecdotal evidence that the law of attraction works. Question: how much anecdotal evidence do you need before you can’t call it anecdotal (there’s 41 pages of this whining and it’s only been up a week at the time I wrote this blog)?

But maybe it’s just my perspective. Maybe I was just handed everything and I have no right to judge other people. After all I was born to two people who didn’t have college degrees, lived in a mobile home on a dirt road, paid for the majority of my college with academic scholarships, and have saved (a radical concept that I realize none of the people at The Other 99% know anything about) enough to invest in self-publishing my own book on a rather low end teacher’s salary. Yes truly I was handed more than those trust fund whiners who are occupying Wall Street, how dare I judge them and their hardships.


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