The Random Thoughts of September

Did you hear that a Christian nation is about to execute a man simply because he won’t renounce being a Muslim.  They are going to execute him because the Christian religion is the very definition of intolerance, close-mindedness and backwards irrational thinking.  These psychos need to be stopped… What?  I what…oh sorry.  Apparently I got my terms mixed up, it’s Muslims in Iran who are going to execute a man for being a Christian.  Remind me again which is the religion of peace?  Or more accurately which religion is going to try and legislate the murder of a Pagan like me.

Oooh…there’s a new liberal organization called “The Other 98%” its basic argument is that we the middle class (the other 98%) are in a battle against the corrupt and evil top 2%.  But remember the liberals are not engaged in class warfare.  Nor if we were to engage in class warfare it shouldn’t be the two-thirds who make up the upper class, the middle class, and the parts of the lower class that do work and are self sufficient and the third of whiny leeches who live off that other two thirds.  No it’s clearly the rich who are to blame.  And then they put out pictures like the one above and equate basic functions of state and local government as being the same as the irresponsible welfare payments of the federal government and the opposition to the federal irresponsibility as being the same as opposing all functions of the government.  It’s because liberals can’t conceive of good government and bad government, there is only good government to liberals and all that government does is good and should not be questioned but merely goose-stepped to on command.

I love Garofalo’s idea that the GOP is racist because we support Herman Cain.  It’s also interesting we seem to love Alan West, Michele Malkin, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Star Parker, J.C. Watts, Marco Rubio and a host of other known and unknown conservatives who happen to be minorities.  Because racists always put the people they hate near the head of their organizations and in their PR.  You remember all the Jews in the upper echelons of the Nazi Party, and all the blacks wearing white sheets at the Klan rallies?  Don’t you?  Racists always love being around people they hate.  At least in Janeane Garofalo’s world.

But this is part of a much larger point.  Does anyone actually have any proof that the Tea Party is racist?  Nope.  Economic conservatism and lack of listening to bleeding heart  statements, but I have yet to hear anything that can’t be brought down to the cold hard reality of economics, that we can’t sustain a long term welfare state, that isn’t cold hearted because it’s trying to avoid the destruction of the economy.

And then there is the fact that Iran is sending warships to the Gulf of Mexico.  I appreciate the Pentagon’s reaction that they don’t think the Iranians will be able to make it.  It’s probably because the ships are likely of Russian origin and the Russians, while they have their moments, are not exactly known for quality craftsmanship.  Odds are the damn things will sink.  If it makes it here it will likely be stranded, and if they get gutsy enough to fire something off I lay even odds it hits Mexico instead of us.  Oh, and even with a gutless wonder like Barrack in charge I foresee massive naval maneuvers in the gulf, at least a full carrier group daring the gutless cowards to try something…and get killed for their troubles.

Oh and that Iranian cruiser has been promised fuel by Stalin wannabe Hugo Chavez.  Ah, Hugo.  It’s a shame he’s about to die from cancer.  Did I say shame?  I meant godsend.  Usually I don’t attribute bad things that happen to bad people as karma, as karma tends to take longer than a single lifetime to manifest, but moments like this and Johnnie Cochrane dying of a bran tumor just have that wonderful trace of “Karma’s a bitch ain’t it?”  And a vicious bastard like Chavez has it coming.

Obama states Ethics “would not have made it on the list” of his favorite subjects.  This we file under the heading “no shit Sherlock.”  Given that not one of his actions has been ethical (or intelligent) this doesn’t exactly come as a shock.

Newt’s statement that he supported a health care mandate was stupid (and possibly calculated as I now think he has no intention of becoming president, he just wanted to be in the debates so he could help steer the discussion).  But that was nothing compared to Perry calling the entire Republican Party heartless because we don’t support encouraging illegal action and we don’t support economic decisions that will lead to total economic collapse.  Because you know we tend to think that wanting there to be a country here in 20 years for our children to be more compassionate than making destructive choices just so we can feel good about ourselves for a brief moment.

Michele Bachmann continues to be the only person to consistently say the right things about policy issues.  (She also has a terrible tendency of making odd flubs about tangential things).

Christy and Palin need to make Sherman statements so that the donation money can start flowing.

Rudy needs to announce that he is running.

I would love to see a Europe that resembles the U.S. with a single overarching federal government.  But the E.U. needs to go the way of the Articles of Confederation.  Scrap the system, return to the lira, franc, the mark and all the other national currencies.  Next time create a government before you create a currency.  Let the E.U. fall.

I’m sure that another billion to more solar companies (who happen to have close ties to Nancy Pelosi) has nothing to do with corruption.  No, no, nothing at all.

Let’s see government overstepping it’s power in the economic field by raiding Gibson Guitars all over what kind of wood they’re using.  Yes, that’s right ban the use of endangered plants.  You know when it’s actually making them economically valuable that makes encourages people to save them, yes let’s continue bans that don’t help endangered species. 

Ford was bullied out of using a commercial that highlighted the fact that they didn’t use bailout funds.  Go on tell me that Obama doesn’t overstep his powers in interfering with corporations.


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3 responses to “The Random Thoughts of September

  1. ɪɬʫɶʀɻʑʓʆʂɡəɟʖʎʙɱʖʘʑ

    The best part is that this is a blog where conservatism and new age come together in perfect harmony.

    On the conservative posts you have “good that Chavez is dying of cancer”, “i hate this and that”, “that guy is an idiot”, “let’s use real bullets against the protesters” and on the new ages posts you have “I love. I am loved. I give love freely. I receive love freely. I am a being of love. I am love.”

    It’s spectacular how well these posts come together in perfect harmony.

    Cognitive dissonance has reached new heights here.

  2. No contradiction at all really. I’m human. I have my negative qualities, Schadenfreude being one of them, and sometimes finding evil people suffering as mildly reassuring that the universe is not entirely chaotic in the short run, isn’t truly horrific. I believe it’s always just in the long run, but it’s nice to see it in the short run. Not my finest moment, but it can also be helpful to other people to show them some order and reason exists.

    It’s wrong of me to hate things that are evil and will cause others to suffer needlessly. I assume you are referring to my call to shoot the rioters in London, who were not protesters they were a rioting mob bent on destroying the property of others and hurting others. I will always advocate for the defense of the innocent against the violent. It is an insult to ethics to not call for the defense of the innocent, and an insult to legitimate protest to call those sorry excuses for humans “protesters.” But to make that distinction you have to be able to judge right from wrong and true from false. Something you not only seem to not be able to do, but have specifically said you don’t have the ability to do. You’re goddamn Swiss, when confronted with unquestionable evil, you’ll just sit it out and not make moral judgements.

    And there is no contradiction between love and making moral judgements. For one thing, protecting the innocent is an act of love. For another, love does not mean suspending reason, nor does it mean not making more judgements. Maybe you could go back even further and read the “Namaste” blog, we love that which is the best in people, but if they are giving into the worst, that needs to be critiqued, challenged and stopped (even if it through violence) if it threatens to hurt those who have done nothing to deserve the suffering. But your understanding of the concept of love seems to be as murky as your understanding of reason.

    And yes is that less than saintly of me. It is. That’s why I advise and bring up the meditations. To help bring out that which is better in us. If we fail to always be the best, then we are to be forgiven and try again. “To err is human” is an idea not just in Christianity, but New Age belief, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism, Bahai’i (the list goes on).

    It’s not cognitive dissonance, it’s me looking at a short term good (cosmic justice against an individual for their repeated acts of tyranny and despotism) over the more long term (my spiritual good). Am I a saint for that? No. I’m just human.

  3. ɪɬʫɶʀɻʑʓʆʂɡəɟʖʎʙɱʖʘʑ

    I actually like you better when you point to your own weaknesses.

    I am constantly humbled by how ignorant am I, that’s why I spend a lot of time reading philosophy. That’s why it would never occour to me to insult leading intellectual figures. Even when I disagree with them, I still learn from them. There’s a distinction between form and content. I might disagree with Nozick (read it, he defends most of you “minimal state” points), but he does it with such a brilliance and respect that it’s impossible not to admire him.

    For the troll: you’re entitled to whatever opinion you have of me. Feel free not to post what I write. I stay anonymous because it wouldn’t make any difference in what I write and because I won’t give people the opportunity to make ad hominem attacks on whatever my nationality, profession, religion, education and race might be. If you want to be a censor, then go ahead.

    I’ve got my ethical positions of course, I’ve never said what they are, but you’re assuming I don’t have them. Maybe one day I’ll make more relevant contributions. Maybe not. Who knows …

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