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And keep in mind the rich, those who invest, are not paying enough taxes.

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March 14, 2018 Addendum: Because of various changes in tax law, an updated version of the flowchart is attached at the end of this column.

Whether I’m criticizing Warren Buffett’s innumeracy or explaining how to identify illegitimate loopholes, I frequently write about the perverse impact of double taxation.

By this, I mean the tendency of politicians to impose multiple layers of taxation on income that is saved and invested. Examples of this self-destructive practice include the death tax, the capital gains tax, and the second layer of tax of dividends.

Double taxation is particularly foolish since every economic theory – including socialism and Marxism – agrees that capital formation is necessary for long-run growth and higher living standards.

Yet even though this is a critically important issue, I’ve never been satisfied with the way I explain the topic. But perhaps this flowchart makes everything easier to…

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I would like to remind everyone that I made a promise.  The first 3 reviews of Republicans and Reincarnation will get a check from me covering the cost of your book, plus I will sign your copy (and if you bought the e-book version I will send you a copy that is signed).

The Snark has her copy now…so there are still two left.

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