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Why does Obama hate poor people?

Obama’s EPA is banning cheap asthma inhalers.  They’re banning them for relatively small of amount of those ozone hurting chemicals, literally a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of the CFC’s that may have caused the hole in the ozone layer.


So to stop a truly negligible portion of ozone hurting chemicals the Obama administration is going to triple the cost of asthma inhalers.  Why is this a truly stupid move?  Because probably, with the exception of weight related diseases, there is no disease more related to income level.  Poor people are vastly more likely to have asthma than the middle class.  I don’t know the reason, no one else agree on them, but this is still a fact.


This price increase is going to hurt the poor.  A lot.  Asthma inhalers are not optional, they are as critical to quality of life as anything you can imagine.  Have you ever had pneumonia, that feeling of being unable to take a full breath?  The fear, the hurt, the panic?  Imagine your whole life like that?  Now ask yourself, if it costs three times as much.   If you’re poor that means having to make choice of ‘”do I use the inhaler now?   Or do I suffer?”  Thanks Barrack, for making poor people suffer through that.  Usually I’m not one to speak about the plight of the poor because usually I believe their plight is all too often caused by their bad choices, but this is  a disease that has nothing to do with bad choices made during life.  Nor is this the kind of disease where it’s a question of spending a huge sum of money that will extend a person’s life but not increase their quality of life.  This is as close as you get to a quality of life issue.  And Obama just make their quality of life go down.


Why would Obama screw poor people like this?


Answer: Class warfare.


Most people will probably not know that reason their inhaler has tripled in cost is because of an EPA and Obama call.  They’ll think it’s the drug companies are intentionally screwing them over.  (Yes I fully admit that the economies of scale will probably bring it down from triple the cost, but probably not back down to the old prices).  Which will secure the base in A. hating those evil evil drug companies and B. supporting Obama and his stand against those evil people who raised their health care prices for no reason (to hell if it’s actually Obama and his administration who is the bastard who did that).


A brilliant political move to secure his basse.  An evil move.


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I’ve been meaning to do a blog on each of why I don’t support a lot of GOP candidates I don’t support…but I can’t top this critique on an ass like Santorum. Yes, he gives nice answers on foreign policy and economics, but the twit thinks social policy is more important than either of those. And here is why his stupid beliefs on social issues can’t be allowed near the White House…

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More Liberal Class Warfare from Elizabeth Warren

So there is a new video making the rounds through Facebook and emails. It is of Elizabeth Warren who will run against Scott Brown in Massachusetts for the Senate.

It’s apparently the latest denial that Obama and the Democrats are waging class warfare. Next up Democrats will deny that the earth moves around the sun.

But besides the fact that saying Obama and his lackeys engage in class warfare is about as obvious as the rules of basic arithmetic, let’s take a look at what she actually says

That boils down to 3 points.
1. The call for more taxes on the rich is not class warfare
2. No one makes money on their own, they do it only because society works well
3. The social contract requires that people pay a portion of what they make so that society can succeed.

Let’s take these out of order.

Yes it is a fact people need other people to make money. Society requires other people to function. Capitalism requires infrastructure and public education. Guess what else it requires? Freedom to create without punishment. You know the kind of punishment where you would be taxed at obscenely higher rates for being successful (the kind Obama is proposing). Capitalism also requires a fair playing field where the government does not pick winners and losers (which TARP and stimulus violated), it requires the lack of restrictive red tape and bureaucracy (everything Obama is against), it requires treating companies equally by their merits (i.e. the lack of cronyism as seen in GE and Solyndra). But let’s ignore that government is meeting all of the things that are required for the creation of wealth and prosperity.

She then claims that the social contract requires that the rich pay their fair share (a contract suggests both sides meet their responsibilities…but again let’s ignore the government completely failing to meet its end of the bargain). Yes the social contract requires people pay into the system. However Warren seems to suggest that the rich aren’t paying their fair share. Is this the case?

According to the National Taxpayers Union, the top 1% of earners pay 38% of the income tax revenue. The top 5% pays 58% of revenue, the top 10% pays 70% (you have to make $113K in this class) and the top 50% makes 97% of federal income tax. The top half pays all income tax revenue. Are the poor paying their fair share? But federal income tax is not the only source of revenue. Income tax only pays for 42% of all federal revenues. 
Another source of income is 9% is from corporate taxes…so the income that goes to the rich has already been taxed at around 15% to 35% (depending on industry and loopholes…the more corrupt a board you have that has paid money to the DNC the lower their taxes). Then about 40% of tax revenue goes to Social Security (and supposedly nothing else), and as we all know that system isn’t taking in enough. So, in reality, since you can’t consider FICA taxes since they’re not supposed to pay for anything but Social Security, then in reality Income and Corporate tax, which is paid for entirely on the backs of the top 50% is really about 85% of all federal revenue for all major expenditures. Again who isn’t paying their fair share? The rich? Or the poor? The rich and middle class pay for everything the poor for NOTHING, yet the poor get the majority of the benefits.


Well then let’s take a look at something else. She mentions roads, police, fire, military, and education as benefits of the social contract. First off police, fire and most of education is a state not federal issue. However let’s take a look at the federal budget.

2010 Budget
695 billion – Social Security (A ponzi scheme)
$571 billion – Unemployment/Welfare/Other mandatory spending (Subsidizing the lazy)
$453 billion – Medicare (Not admitting that death is a natural part of life)
$290 billion – Medicaid (Further denying death comes for us all)
$164 billion – Interest on National Debt (we do have to pay for this)
$663.7 billion – Department of Defense (including Overseas Contingency Operations) (we need this one)
$78.7 billion – Department of Health and Human Services (a worthless expenditure)
$72.5 billion – Department of Transportation (I think the states could handle this but Warren lists this)
$52.5 billion – Department of Veterans Affairs (I’d prefer this rolled back into the DOD, but it’s needed).
$51.7 billion – Department of State and Other International Programs (we do need this)
$47.5 billion – Department of Housing and Urban Development (waste of money)
$46.7 billion – Department of Education (waste of money but Warren listed it)
$42.7 billion – Department of Homeland Security (why isn’t this just a part of the Department of Justice).
$26.3 billion – Department of Energy (other than the nuclear security, it’s worthless)
$26.0 billion – Department of Agriculture (beyond worthless)
$23.9 billion – Department of Justice (we do need this)
$18.7 billion – National Aeronautics and Space Administration (waste of money)
$13.8 billion – Department of Commerce (unconstitutional, unethical, immoral, stupid, and waste of money).
$13.3 billion – Department of Labor (useless)
$13.3 billion – Department of the Treasury (needed)
$12.0 billion – Department of the Interior (useless)
$10.5 billion – Environmental Protection Agency (useless)
$9.7 billion – Social Security Administration (Ponzi)
$7.0 billion – National Science Foundation (useless)
$5.1 billion – Corps of Engineers (useless)
$5.0 billion – National Infrastructure Bank (this is just a bad idea)
$1.1 billion – Corporation for National and Community Service (useless)
$0.7 billion – Small Business Administration (useless)
$0.6 billion – General Services Administration (useless)
$0 billion – Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) (beyond useless)
$11 billion – Potential disaster costs (huh?)
$19.8 billion – Other Agencies
$105 billion – Other

So between what we actually do need and what Warren added we are left with Interest on National Debt, Department of Defense, Department of Transportation, Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of State. Department of Education, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Energy, Department of Justice, Department of the Treasury, Other Agencies and Other at a grand cost of $1.281 Trillion. Total revenue last year was $2.38 Trillion. So if we just did what’s on that list, we wouldn’t have to raise taxes, in fact we have 1.099 Trillion just to spend. Hell we could take half a trillion on new infrastructure, half a trillion to shore up social security while we phase it out, and put 99 billion into paying off the principle of the debt.

Now primarily what did Warren leave out. Oh those entitlement programs. You know the massive payments to the lazy, the uneducated (you know people so stupid they turned down the free education offered to them), those who failed to plan for retirement, those who failed to learn skills, those who failed to take care of their own health. Yes there are people who have legitimate problems that require help through no fault of their own—they are not the majority of the people on the dole.

Why does she leave out the biggest government expenditures (social security, Medicaid, Medicare, and welfare)? Because she knows that no one with an even halfway functioning brain looks at that level of entitlement payments (one third of the country receives entitlements in some way, shape or form) on the backs of those who actually earn a living. A third of the country who makes nothing vs. half of the country who pays for everything. Ignore the massive amounts of inefficiency (which would save even more money) this is not about revenue it’s about a massive amount of spending more than we have to support a radically socialist view of entitlement and income redistribution.

No one begrudges paying for the police or the fire department or the roads (we may however begrudge what Obama wants to spend for infrastructure improvements as, going by experience, we’ll end up with crappier roads and bridges and a huge bill for our troubles). We do begrudge pointless, meaningless, evil, entitlement spending that does nothing but waste money (and keep the poor just as poor as they were before).

Warren is either an idiot par excellence or a lying bastard for trying to ply this half truth as a fact. I’m going with the latter. And making it seem that the rich aren’t paying their fair share (as opposed to those kind hearted saintly freeloaders who feel that paying NOTHING is contributing their fair share) and being greedy for wanting to keep only HALF of their money (what bastards to want to actually keep HALF of their money, how dare they think they’re entitled to more than a dime for every dollar they earn). How on earth could you call pitting those evil greedy bastards from having more of their money ripped away against their will against the people who like vampires off of the blood of people who can actually live life (and they’re not even cool mysterious vampires, they’re wimpy sparkly vampires…forgive me I’m seeing lot of Halloween decorations already and it’s on my brain).

However my personal favorite of this entire joke is the following statement:

“you didn’t have to worry that marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory and have to hire someone to protect against this.”

Why is it that when this liberal says “marauding bands would come and seize everything at your factory” I can see nothing but federal regulators and union thugs in the role of marauding bands. In fact that’s exactly what they are. And didn’t she say that the government is supposed to be protecting you from…not; oh I don’t know, being the very people they’re supposed to be protecting you from. The sick irony of that is probably lost on Warren.

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