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Laws for the GOP to pass: A cheaper, healthier alternative to food stamps

So I was in the grocery store the other day looking at whole grain/fruit bars for snacks when I realized something. Most of the bars like this are small and cheap and they seem to have a lot of calories for their size. I’ve seen them have the full amount of protein, fiber, vitamins, calories, what have you. Theoretically you should be able to easily put a whole day’s dietary needs in three or four bars (probably at an incredibly cheap cost). This was coupled with watching someone buy steak (and it looked like a very good steak—thick, nice marbling, even a good strip of fat on the side, and I didn’t see the actual sticker but I would have judged it to be a porterhouse cut) at the checkout line with food stamps…I however had cheapest hamburger and a big bag of rice. I’ve also seen lots of other things bought with food stamps: soda, candy, cigarettes, booze, chips. I have a job and have to keep on budget in my eating habits…yet some of the idiots who exist purely off of my taxes immorally taken out of my paycheck that I earned are eating better than I am, and what did they do to earn this…nothing. Oh by the way just a kicker the worthless ass buying steak was about my height but probably had a hundred pounds on me.

You know I’m right. The food stamp program is grossly abused to buy hardly anything but necessities. It keeps the welfare brats not only well fed, but over fed. (Honestly have you ever seen pictures of people at a welfare office who looked emaciated from lack of eating…no it’s usually quite the opposite). So rather than keeping these lazy excuses for human beings buying food that is A.) a waste of my money B.) unhealthy and C.) a waste of my money again when they want me to pay their medical bills for their bad choices that led to lung cancer, heart problems, and preventable diabetes, I suggest we replace the food stamp program with something more practical.

As I said there should be a way to create a health food bar that includes a quarter of everything you need (FDA recommended levels of protein, fiber, vitamins) for a 2,000 calorie diet (I could actually live if we lowered that as 2,000 is for an active life style). At the beginning of every month instead of getting food stamps each person will get 4 bars for every day in the month. Thus insuring we are not leaving those without an income to starve, but also insuring that our money is not wasted.  Given how much those stamps are clearly being wasted, even creating this a new government run business would be cheaper.

The bars should probably come in wonderful flavors like cardboard, tofu, rice cake, and seaweed (actually that last one can taste pretty good). Don’t like it? Well then I have some advice. Go to your iPod (which I may add welfare person buying steak had one, it was better than the one I own) and pull up an Offspring song called “Why Don’t You Get A Job?” No one is stopping you from improving your life…I however should not be required to work for my living and be allowed only enough that I can live a lifestyle worse than yours that you did not work for. I can see an argument that society should not let people starve (although I really think that said programs should be run by the city, at most, the county, but never at the federal level), I cannot see an argument that you have a right be to kept in comfort. It should be a safety net, preferably one that is unpleasant enough to make them find a way out as quickly as they can.

This may sound bitter. But with our constant increase in entitlement and welfare spending we have to take a hard line and turn this whole system around if we want to save this country. People need encouragement to get to work not further extension on long term benefits. People need to be kept alive, not just given the ability to buy luxuries usually out of the range of their working lower-middle class counterparts. Good food, spacious living, vacations, entertainment, leisure, health care…these are things you have to earn.



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Weekly Meditation: The 4th Charka–Namaste

This week I’m actually going to make you do something again…yes, I know, work, it’s so taxing.  But proper meditation isn’t always just sitting in a lotus position and chanting mantras.  The good news is, however, that all you have to do this week is say a word.

What word?


Why this word?  Well if you’re in India it’s pretty much the standard greeting, “Hi”  “Hello” and for practical purposes has lost a lot of it’s philosophical value.  However if you break the word down into it’s Sanskrit origins you will come up with something more along the lines of “the spark of the divine within me recognizes and bows to the spark of the divine within you.”  (Okay literally it’s closer to “that within me bows to that within you” but if you look at how it was originally my translation is more contextually accurate).

“The spark of the divine within me recognizes and bows to the spark of the divine within you.”

What does that mean and why is it relevant to the 4th chakra?  Well, the 4th chakra is about connecting to other people, it’s about love, compassion, friendship–in other words our connections and relationships with everyone.  And why do we have these connections?  Because there is something worthy of being loved within those people with whom we have relationships with.

The funny thing is that there is something worthy of love in everyone (yes, even that person you hate…I know, I know, they’re a complete ass and probably deserve to be punched in the face, repeatedly, but follow me on this…).  You and everyone else has a soul.  That soul is literally a part of God, it is perfect, it is divine.  It is who we really are if we could just strip away the layers of fear, self-deceits, and lies we have built up over the eons, deep down there we are all divine beings.  And the quickest way to recognize that about ourselves (and thus let that part of ourselves shine) is to recognize it in others.  Namaste.

Every person you see this week.  Every person you talk to, pass in the halls, see on the road, in the store, a the gym–everyone–I want you to repeat to yourself “Namaste.”  Everyone.  Doesn’t matter if you love them, hate them, don’t even know them.  Namaste.  Remind yourself that everyone is divine and worthy of love…and that you are too.


te them, don’t even know them.  Namaste.  Remind yourself that everyone is divine and worthy of love…and that you are too.

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