The Snark Rips A Socialist A New One

One of my favorite bloggers “The Snark Who Hunts Back” has just finished a five part series in which she obliterates, eviscerates, and then just destroys a terrible argument by liberal bleeding heart Peter Singer.  It goes to the heart of all the evils of liberalism…if you have the time I suggest you take a gander…

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Part V


Filed under Capitalism, Economics, Evils of Liberalism, Free Will, Government is corrupt, liberal arrogance, Long Term Thinking

2 responses to “The Snark Rips A Socialist A New One

  1. You win all the awards Cris. All the awards.
    Also I’ve been up studying way to long. Disregard anything crazy that I say.

    Also, yes, I just liked a post in which you recommended my blog. Shameless, I know.

    Time for bed I think. Coffee is not working to keep me awake any longer.

  2. Dirty Sex & Politics

    It was such an insightful series! I think I missed one, but I look forward to going back through them.

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