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Here’s a very good new video from the Chairman of the House Budget Committee, in which he explains why lower tax rates and fewer loopholes are the keys to a simple, fair, and competitive tax system.

Very well done. Given my video on the flat tax, as well as my video on the global flat tax revolution, you probably are not surprised by my reaction to Congressman Ryan’s contribution.

But I’m a glass-half-empty skeptic and pessimist, particularly when dealing with Republicans, so here are a few additional thoughts.

1.Why not take the logic of this video to its sensible conclusion and come out in favor of a flat tax? Yes, a half loaf is better than no loaf, but the special-interest groups and class-warfare crowd will fight just as hard against partial tax reform and they will against full tax reform, so why not go for the Full…

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Environmentalists are out of their minds!

So today I was reading a Tom Friedman article on the need for sustainable green jobs (a silly idea, but I found Friedman’s analysis of economics in The World is Flat quite insightful, not always right, never right in his recommendations, but interestingly insightful).  He started out by hitting Perry and Bachmann for being idiots because they deny global warming (really that’s the best you can do to hit Perry when there are so many valid reasons to despise the man?).

So what does Tom Freidman pull out for proof for global warming?  Well since pulling out any longer term data would never show any significant change in climate patterns, as with all global warming lunatics, he grabs the biggest disaster in the news right now and blames it on global warming.

“I mean, here is the Texas governor rejecting the science of climate change while his own state is on fire — after the worst droughts on record have propelled wildfires to devour an area the size of Connecticut. As a statement by the Texas Forest Service said last week: “No one on the face of this earth has ever fought fires in these extreme conditions.”

Really non-scientists hyperbolic statements are justification for global warming?  Even for global warming hysterics, that’s a little thin.  But let’s deal with the worst drought on record.  Is this the case?  Well, a basic knowledge of history tells me that this is not the case.  Anyone with even a modicum of knowledge in U.S. history should remember the Dust Bowl.  The Dust Bowl was a 6 year drought in the U.S. (although it lasted over a decade in some areas).  6 years!   Yes this is a very dry year…but it’s this year.  We had a normal amount of rain last year.  Yes it’s dry and it’s feeding a lot of wild fires.  But it’s not six years long.  I’ll admit that 6 years from now I could be proven wrong…but Friedman has no right to call this the worst drought ever.

Maybe it’s the driest.  Are you kidding?  The Dust Bowl literary had massive dust storms running over the entire central and western United States that you’d think the entire South West was suddenly the Phoenix valley.  Further I doubt that, because take a look at the estimates for rainfall for neighboring New Mexico provided by NAOO (yes they’re the government).  Yes this is based on tree ring thickness but that’s actually a fairly good estimate of precipitation.  As you can see the Dust Bowl drought wasn’t even close to the worst drought the area has ever experienced. (Yes I admit there is not a lot of data on these graphs, but frankly it’s good enough for government work, just looking at it, even if there is a disturbing lack of scale on y-axis, it’s clear that the drought of the Dust Bowl area is not the worst).

I could go on and throw even more data at you, but I would hope you trust that given all the previous rants I’ve had about the cult of Environmentalism that is just a joke.

The fear-mongers grab onto any natural disaster, things that have been happening since the dawn of time all on their own, and blame it on global warming.  Hurricanes (even though we have records of those going back thousands of years) that’s global warming.  Drought, you know those things even the ancients had to deal with, global warming.  Rain, global warming.  Wind, global warming.  The fact that its gets hot in the summer and cold in the winter, you guessed it, global warming.  In fact before man burned the first gallon of oil the world was consistently 76 (both day and night) degrees Fahrenheit, 365 days a year (I’m sure that quarter day is also the fault of global warming) with light showers every morning at 7am and evening drizzle at 4pm every day without fail.  Until fossil fuels, the weather was perfect, then we had to have the internal combustion engine and f!@# it all up.  It’s all our fault.  Damn us.  Blizzards, hurricanes, drought, flooding none of that happened until we started putting fossil fuels into the air.

Yes, that’s obscenely hyperbolic on my part, but is it any crazier than blaming EVERY SINGLE meteorological event that doesn’t conform to an idea of perfect weather on global warming?

And the worst part about this is that there are real environmental problems.  I want to get rid of coal burning technology not because we need to worry about global warming, but because that same coal is needed to make steel and I think we are going to find a replacement for coal power before we figure out a replacement for steel.  I don’t   care so much about our lack of oil resources as I do about the fact that we are rapidly approaching a point in human population levels where there won’t be enough fresh water for everyone.  I worry about real environmental problems of when companies actually dump real toxins in the ground as opposed to DDT which does nothing to the environment but kill disease carrying insects (but it’s DDT that has all the hatred of the environmentalist which has led to the deaths of hundreds of thousands around the world).  I care about real environmental problems caused by lack of resources, but these lunatics want to rant forever and a day about global warming when they really don’t have a shred of scientific evidence to back up their point.

Can we end this madness and actually start worrying about some real environmental problems?

Of course, one does have to admit that Friedman is employed by the New York Times…and they are known for hiring lunatics.

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