Weekly Meditation: 4th Charka Mantra

So this week we will not deal in heavy ideas or difficult acts rather letting sound and meditation do it’s thing.

Focusing on your 4th chakra (it’s a spinning green disk at the level of your heart) sit in the lotus position.  With both your hands take your thumb and forefinger and press them together, extending the rest of your fingers (making and OK sign with both hands).  Rest your left hand on your knee (still in this pose) and place your right and (still in the okay pose) at the level of your heart/the 4th chakra.  Now slowly repeat the phrase YAM (that’s three syllables).  As you do focus on chakra.  See it getting brighter in your mind’s eye.  Any darkness or negativity you feel there ask whatever power you believe in to cleanse that darkness and leave only the light.

Once in the morning and once in the evening for 5 minutes each at least for this meditation this week.

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