Weekly Meditation: More 4th Chakra Work

This week is more practical and less internal than the last couple of weeks…although I still want you to try and forgive yourself and everyone you can for any mistakes that are made.  This week we are going to work on our connection to those around us.  But don’t worry nothing complicated.

This week I want you to do three random acts of kindness a day.  Pay someone a compliment.  Hold a door for someone.  Get someone a gift card to Starbucks in payment for a favor they did for you.  Three nice things a day above and beyond what you would usually do.  If you have to go online at the end of the day and give $5 to your favorite charity, but it would be preferable to do it for people you are actually having contact with.

With each act, remember to think the following “I am a being of love.  God created me as a being of love and compassion.”

That’s it.  This week is fairly simple.

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