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Madness, Madness.

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s insanity of ‘let’s sue banks for doing what we forced them to do’ come some more gems of pure insanity:

Apparently the federal government, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), is suing a trucking company because they discriminated against an employee because he had a disability—a clear violation of the American’s with Disabilities Act.  Terrible, just terrible.  What was this trucker’s disability you ask?  Why he’s an alcoholic of course.  This brings up several questions.

First shouldn’t trucking companies, by all that is sane and rational, be discriminating against drunks?  I don’t know about you but I’m uncomfortable enough when around 18-wheelers on the highway…the last thing I want to know is that the government is forcing companies to put lushes behind the wheels of the those 10 ton death machines.

The next question would be when did alcoholism become a disability.  A disability in my mind is a physical or mental impediment which someone cannot personally overcome without the aid of outside sources or accommodations; like being blind or in a wheelchair.  You can’t just choose to see if you’re blind, and you can’t stand up out of a wheelchair if your spine has been severed simply by sheer force of will (no matter how much we believed Chris Reeve would actually do it).  However, strangely, as I recall, by sheer force of will one can stop drinking.  Is there a genetic component, sure.  But it’s still first and foremost an issue of choice.  To call alcoholism is a disability is an insult to every single person who has a real disability…I’m sure every person who was deaf would love it if they could hear so long as they struggled with their deafness everyday and went to a meeting every few days, but otherwise they would be able to hear.  Alcoholism may be genetic, but sobriety is a choice, no sane person chooses to suffer the effect of their disability and can just as easily choose to not suffer those effects.

This continues my long-standing hatred of the Americans with Disability Act.  An act which was well-intentioned, but has hurt numerous industries by making it prohibitively expensive to renovate old buildings (hurting contracting and real estate markets, and in turn hurting communities because old buildings can’t be renovated which lowers surrounding property value, drives business out, raises crime rates…you know how this cycle goes).  Oh and need we mention that “An MIT study found that employment of disabled men ages 21 to 58 declined after the ADA went into effect. Same for women ages 21 to 39.”   Yes that’s great for those with disabilities everywhere.  The numbers are even worse for women.

And now this well-intentioned, but stupid act, is being used to put drunks behind the wheels of trucks.  Thank you federal government for being absolutely insane!

Is heroin addiction next up as a legitimate disability that the government will recognize?

You know the only thing crazier than this would be to hire child molesters and rapists to watch children!  Oh wait, we’re doing that too.  Or, I should say, the state of Illinois is doing that.

Has everyone just lost their mind?

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