McCain needs to go

One of my favorite bloggers “Dirty Sex & Politics” has a wonderful post on what a worthless SOB John McCain is.  Apparently the RINO not only was one of Obama’s chief defenders in getting rid of Gaddafi, he was also  one of the biggest backers to arm Khaddafi with lots and lots of weapons.  (McCain apparently was so stupid he didn’t realize that the some 50 ways to spell Qaddafi in English does not mean they are different people.)  Fair warning the blog isn’t G-rated.


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2 responses to “McCain needs to go

  1. Dirty Sex & Politics

    Thanks so much for the shout out and right back at you! I still can’t get over McCain. But sadly it doesn’t surprise me. He has needed to be GONE for quite some time!

  2. McCain is sad excuse for a rationally thinking human. I can’t believe I considered voting for him in the last election… Now I’m really glad that I decided that voting for either tweetledum or tweetledumber would be a bad choice and just didn’t vote at all.

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