Going on vacation for a few days, so there won’t be any new blogs until Monday (Sunday at the earliest).  Sorry.

But please feel free to go back and read some of the older blogs…as most of the stuff is more philosophical it’s not exactly dependent on recent events.

Or if you get bored with that you can always buy a copy of “Republicans and Reincarnation”.  In fact you should do that.  Go right now and buy the ebook (I think it’s $10 at my publisher’s web site…just clink on the link to the left…also available in Nook and Kindle editions).  And to sweeten the pot I will make this offer, the first three people to write coherent reviews (just telling me I’m an idiot or having bizarre ramblings don’t count) and let me repost them on this blog I will not only refund you the cost of the e-book, but I will send you a signed copy!


And you still need more of my writing after reading “Republicans and Reincarnation” you could always go buy a copy of my fiction novel “Destiny’s Knights.”… it will soon (a year or so) be republished with whole new sections so this first version will become very rare.  And when I reach the bestseller list…well…just saying…rare copy of a best selling author’s book…

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