Why Obama is not worried about the debt…

I was rewatching the “Obama is a flake” video I posted yesterday and I suddenly understood the Obama economic plan.

Obama stated that:

There are 57 states

That the Constitution was written 20 centuries ago (which would mean it was written sometime between the birth and death of Christ).

That tens of thousands of people were killed in a disaster that killed 11 people.

Obama habitually exaggerates numbers to make them sound more impressive.  Facts be damned.

And then one just needs to look at basic human psychology.  We all have, at times, the problem of “I am the world.”  Habitual liars think everyone is a liar because they think everyone is like them.  Thinking rational people who always question every thought they have are shocked to find that other people don’t do that too.  Vicious scheming people assume that everyone is scheming against them because that’s what they would do.  People who make up facts to justify their points assume that everyone is making up facts so why should they listen to anyone.  I am the world.

So if Obama habitually exaggerates numbers he must be assuming everyone else is doing the same.

So if you tell him that the debt is 14 Trillion dollars, he knows you’re just exaggerating and it’s only like a million or so.  We can pay that off.

When you tell him that’s he’s spending 10 Billion dollars a day, hey you’re just making that number larger, and he’s only spending a couple C-notes a day…that won’t bankrupt anyone.

When he’s warned that nearly 10% of the public is unemployed, why worry, it’s really only like 1%, you just made the number bigger to make it sound impressive.

Suddenly his economic policies sort-of make sense.  He’s working with a completely different set of numbers than you and I  are.

It suddenly makes sense why he doesn’t seem that worried that’s he down in the polls by double digits.  Because really we’re just exaggerating, the American public still worships the very ground he walks.

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