Is Obama a flake?

Chris Wallace asked Bachmann if she was a flake.  He should have said “How do you respond to the extreme element of your critics who claim you’re a flake.”  But there is someone who might just be a flake….

…now if Bachmman, or any Republican had said something this stupid would the media have just ignored it, or would it have been front page humiliation?


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4 responses to “Is Obama a flake?

  1. OMG! If a Republican had stumbled over their words that way, or fumbled their facts that badly the media would have smeared them all over every front page possible.

    But when HE does it, he gets a free pass.

    That was just embarrassing. To Obama and the media…talk about double standards in reporting.

  2. Dirty Sex & Politics

    I agree with Meredith! Why does Obama get away with seemingly everything? The drive-by media drops it so quickly but with a Republican!!!! It would be smeared all over!

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