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It's entirely possible that I could be nostalgic for a world that never existed… (via The Snark Who Hunts Back)

but I like to think that's not the case. You read the history books and watch the news reels from the World War II and there is something there that the American (and British and European, but I was inspired to write this after watching Captain America, so…the American theme seems appropriate) people are missing today. The ability to judge right from wrong. We've gone from a country that, from at least the view of popular history, came together … Read More

via The Snark Who Hunts Back

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Is Obama a flake?

Chris Wallace asked Bachmann if she was a flake.  He should have said “How do you respond to the extreme element of your critics who claim you’re a flake.”  But there is someone who might just be a flake….

…now if Bachmman, or any Republican had said something this stupid would the media have just ignored it, or would it have been front page humiliation?


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Obama the Economy Slayer

So I got sent a recent article that basically said that despite all the whining, Obama had done nothing at all to ruin the economy, Republicans could point to nothing Obama had done to ruin the economy…and implicitly that it was all the fault of Bush and Republicans that the economy was in the trouble it was.

Now I will not completely defend the Republicans here. Bush was an idiot who backstabbed his party by applying the name NeoCon to the most ill planned non-neocon foreign policy action imaginable and a complete bastard in passing TARP (this is one of those moments I regret not believing in Hell, because Bush deserves to go there for his betrayal of capitalism…remind me, in the traditional model, where do traitors go?). Republicans for the last decade have been nothing but Democrats-lite, so there is a bunch of blame to go around.

However Obama has done more than his fair share of ruining the economy. If Bush was an idiot farmer who let a pasture go fallow for no reason, Obama dropped Napalm on that field and called it fertilizer.
Let’s take a look at some of the things this man has done to capitalism.

And we start our look with:
Yes, Obamacare the wonderful little bill that could. Problem is exactly what it could do. It could bankrupt the entire medical insurance industry. Did I say could…I meant will. At which point we will all have to go onto government healthcare. Yes the people who can’t do anything right…you trust them to handle your medical practice don’t you. Just ignore all those doctors and nurses saying they’ll quit if Obamacare is put into practice. Just ignore all the drug companies saying they will no longer be able to make a profit. Just ignore the high standards set by British and Canadian healthcare (you know the health care where if you have the money you go to the US because you don’t trust government provided healthcare). So, hmmm, this will also cause most companies to drop medical care because the few remaining private policies will be too expensive to provide to employees and stay afloat. Yes that’s right your single largest benefit in your salary package and you’ll have to pay the government out of what you’re being paid now. That will do wonders for your bank account I’m sure.

Oh and did I forget that with Obamacare, the government can now demand you buy things even if you don’t want to? What happens next? Since GE is so chummy with Obama and the Democrats will we have to buy new washers and dryers? New green technology whether we want it or not. If my history serves there are only a few cases where a supposedly Liberal country made people buy a product from a particular company. The company was the East India Trading company, and it was a British government desperate for funds that thought to force the company’s wares on some people, namely tea…I think we know how well that plan worked out for the British economy.

But Obamacare hasn’t gone into effect you whine. Yes, it hasn’t, but the fear of it has. Ever ask why a lot of companies aren’t hiring…maybe for fear of what it will soon cost to insure new employees. Ever wonder why so many companies are desperate to get Obamacare waivers, maybe because they know if they don’t it will destroy them.

Then we have the Obama Administration’s support of Unions!

From pushing the unethical, unconstitutional, and certainly blatantly immoral card check plan which would allow unions near absolute power to unionize any and every business they wanted. The fact of the matter is that unions are now more corrupt, more violent, and more in bed with politicians than the robber-barons they were created to opposed. Hmmm…unions with more power. Unions with more ability to bully and intimidate employees to vote for unions…if they know what’s good for them. After all why should you have the right to a secret ballot…what good do does that do…it’s not like we felt it important enough a right to create a Constitutional amendment to guarantee it. And it’s not like unions have ever been known to rely heavily on physical intimidation and violence. And it’s not like the Obama union protected SEIU thugs from assault charges for beating a Tea Partier so badly he nearly died. Not at all.

I can’t see how supporting an organization which have literally hastened the fall of and destroyed America’s manufacturing and educational industry is a bad thing. (Manufacturing would have eventually fallen without unions; they just made it happen decades ahead of when it would have happened without them.).

Or how about the Obama’s appointees at the SEC giving Unions the power to replace any management they find opposed to their destructive takeovers. How could that possibly be bad for business? I’m sure that must have stimulated the economy lots.

And it’s not like that massive union the SEIU is being charged for criminal acts under RICO. Fine upstanding people I understand completely why Obama would support them with his last breath.

Cap and Trade

Then there’s that cap and trade BS he keeps pushing. I’m sure destroying the entire power industry and what remained of industry would be great for the American economy.

Pushing Sub-Prime Loans

Oh and look Obama is once again threatening to sue banks if they don’t offer subprime loans! That did wonders for the economy last time. I’m sure that another round of having people get loans they can’t afford, ruining the value of the banking system, and plummeting the prices of house one more time will be great for the U.S. economy.

How about Obama’s energy policy?

You know, banning almost all offshore drilling and not allowing more exploration (while at the same time praising South American companies for doing the very things he has forbidden U.S. companies from doing), I’m sure that has nothing to do with the rise in fuel costs which in turn has caused inflation of almost everything across the board. Nothing at all.

Oh and dare we mention the panic and instability that he caused to the markets by releasing oil from strategic reserves for no reason other than to cause panic. No harm there I’m sure.

Executive orders for review of red tape…
And then there are czars, and firing the heads of private companies, and piles upon piles of regulations and executive orders. Billions of dollars in red tape alone, red tape that not only costs us as taxpayers, but red tape that literally destroys companies and absolutely prevents the growth of businesses. You know, those people who hire people.

Then there was the fact that he didn’t push or back his own debt commission’s recommendations which, while not perfect, would have solved a lot of problems.

Then you have the clear impression that Obama is letting every single agency ride rough shod over everyone their petty bureaucratic hands can get to. IRS agents harassing everyone4 million dollar fines selling a few bunnies (and then demanding that the person who sold those rabbits must relinquish all his rights as a citizen to petition the government if he wants to get out of that fine…)…or arresting the Amish and hippies for selling unpasteurized milk. Can’t imagine why businesses wouldn’t be growing in a climate where the government’s attitude to anything that even resembles a capitalistic venture or exchange by free individuals as a criminal act that must be stopped, fined, and punished. True Obama isn’t ordering these abuses of power himself, but the buck stops somewhere, and he doesn’t appear to be stopping them either.

One might look to the highly immoral Frank-Dodd bill which does nothing to stop any of the financial problems that started this recession, but gives cover to the worst offenders and encourages more of that bad behavior. Maybe that has something to do with the lack of growth…I mean when you set up a system that is absolutely going to fail, I can’t imagine why no one wants to buy in.

The destruction of the fastest growing industry, the internet, through corrupt and socialist Net Neutrality rules.

And how about this crappy debt deal he engineered.

And then there is just the general state of fear caused by this man. The attacks on free speech by forcing cigarette companies to advertise the government’s party line. The attack upon major news outlets like a two-bit banana republic dictator when they don’t agree with him and worship the ground he walks on. The public support of violent racist groups like the Black Panthers and La Raza. The illegal collusions with companies like Google and Media Matters to raise cash for his reelection campaign. The extortion of campaign money for Obamacare waivers. All of this creates a state of fear and terror where no one wants to invest in the future because they’re not sure if there is going to be one. Frankly the last man to preach this much hope and provide this much terror was Robespierre.

Have I glossed over some of these points? Yes. This blog was getting long and my point was merely that Obama has acted directly to destroy the economy and has destroyed the economy through an equal amount of inaction. He is the worst of all possibilities. The question shouldn’t be “What has he done to hurt the economy?” because I think I have more than enough examples of that…the question should be “Has he done a single F!@#$%^ thing to help the economy? One thing. One.”

Again I know I glossed over some of this, and will elaborate more on any of these points if anyone makes such a request.


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