In (what’s the opposite of defense?) of Ron Paul

So Jon Stewart is apparently upset about the media ignoring Ron Paul. He seems to think that ignoring this lunatic is something wrong. His proof… Ron Paul is doing well in the polls.

First let me point out that I doubt Ron Paul will ever go above those numbers. Paul’s supporters are a hard core bunch. They latch on easily and stick like a lamprey until they have no other option…but he does not appeal to anyone but that core bunch. Ever!

Stewart claims that Ron Paul is the original Tea Partier and that all others like Bachmann are merely new comers to the party. This is a terrible misrepresentation. I think that if some darling of the Tea Party, Bachmann, Christie, Ryan or Rubio were given complete control of the country without any opposition and a Supreme Court and Congress that would just rubber stamp everything they wanted, somewhere around 40% of the government would be gone in 8 years, with perhaps long term legislation to get rid of another 30% within the next 10-15 years. If Paul got that same deal 95% of the federal government would be gone in the first year of his term (even die hard libertarians can usually see why such a radical shock would be bad for the economy…hell even Ron’s son seems to think his dad is a little crazy).

Ron Paul isn’t so much a Tea Partier, as he is the GOP answer to Dennis Kucinich. A loveable lunatic who says things his side thinks need to be said, but not the kind of person you actually want to give any real power to.

And I think most of the media understand that while he has his hard core following there is not a snowball’s chance in Hell of him getting more (God please do not let humanity disappoint me once again on this point) and thus there is no real chance of him winning the nomination (unless perhaps Satan himself intervenes) and thus no chance of him facing off with Obama. This is as it should be. Ron Paul needs to be in the House as a strong voice of a particular ideology…I might even go as far to say that he might need to have one of the lower GOP positions within the House. (And if we gave him the Speakership it would be a complete disaster, but it would make CSPAN the funniest sitcom on TV).

But more importantly, is the reason why we can’t let Ron Paul ever get near the White House. His foreign policy beliefs.

This is a man who thinks that all countries are created equally and should be left alone to do whatever they want, because none of it is America’s business. First off it’s frightening to think that someone who claims to understand economics has not a single clue that the economy has reached a point where every country in the world is connected into one giant economy. No country is an island; every country is a piece of the whole global economy… any country’s economic problems diminishes America, because we are involved in the global economy, and therefore never seem to know for whom the closing bells on Wall Street tolls; it tolls for thee.

(Yes, I had to go there.)

But more importantly it is that this man has no ethical compass. Yes Iran and Israel are equally good. Huh? I worry about someone who can’t make any distinction between them, yeah maybe with Israel their economy sucks and they’ve got some problems but they’re not psychoville hellbent on destroying the free world. You know there is a lot of grey in the world, but sometimes there is also black and white, and when you don’t recognize that you shouldn’t be allowed to pretend you’re a leader. But it might not just be that he doesn’t see anything wrong with Iran, it may be he supports their goals. I browsed Paul’s book “Liberty Defined” in Barnes and Noble a couple of weeks ago (I had no intention of buying it and giving Paul a cent, but I thought I should take a look at it). My favorite part (and by favorite I mean the part for which I would most like to see Paul thrown into a dark cell and never let out) was his section on “Zionism.” (Because everybody uses the word Zionism…oh wait, no, it seems almost exclusively used by the same people who buy “Protocols of the Elders of Zion.”) In it he talks about hearing a Palestinian “refugee” coming to speak at his school when he was young and talking about all the terrible things that happened to Palestinians because of those evil, evil Jews. And because they said the Jews were evil it must be true. That nice Mr. Goebbels wouldn’t lie to us, would he? You know I might be willing to forgive a young Ron Paul not knowing that 90% of the so-called atrocities against Palestinians to be a lie as vile as any Riefenstahl movie and the other 10% was defensive measures in response to barbaric terrorism on the part of the, you guessed it, the Palestinians. I could forgive young Paul for this mistake. I cannot forgive Congressman Paul who now has access to the truth for believing such BS. Either he’s an idiot, or he is intentionally ignoring the facts because he has problems with the people of Israel. I don’t think it’s only because of their less than capitalistic economy that Ron Paul doesn’t like the Israeli’s.

Then he also likes to go off on all the problems the U.S. has caused in our sometimes less spectacular foreign policy. Yes we’ve made some major blunders in our interventionist behavior. And we’ve gotten involved in wars we shouldn’t have (Libya comes to mind). But you know what, that’s still better than when we didn’t get involved. Last time I checked when we didn’t get involved you had 6 million+ dead Jews, homosexuals, gypsies and other minorities (although I doubt Paul actually thinks of that as a loss) in Europe (not even counting the dead British, French, and other allied members who fought in war) and millions tortured and killed by Japanese in China, Korea and the South Pacific. Somehow I find American blundering on its worst day to be somewhat better than that. But that’s just me, and every sane person, who understands that, as P.J. O’Rourke put it, “Evil is an outreach program.” And dear god do we have a lot of countries in the world that could easily be classified as evil. This country already has enough blood on its hands; we don’t need the callous indifference of Ron Paul to add more.

These crazy at best beliefs may be why the media doesn’t give Ron Paul a lot of attention…because he isn’t worth it.

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