What I’m looking for…

With Pawlenty the field is beginning to narrow for the GOP.  Now I admittedly have my favorites, but I am still willing to take anyone who will do the following:

A.  Attack Obama on every valid point possible (I’ve been rather unimpressed by the lack of attacks on this man’s rampant acts of socialism and violations of my basic rights.)


B.  State in no uncertain terms their priorities go as such:

    1. Return America to #1 status on the list of economically free nations by stripping the federal government of powers, of red tape and of its M.C. Escher inspired tax system.  See the video below.

2.  Have a strong policy of blowing up terrorists and tyrants in their own countries before they get to ours.

3.  Apologizing to the entire world for the 4 years of bad diplomacy and rampant insults that Obama dealt to them.

4.  Admit that really all of that is going to take at least 4 years (probably more) so who has time to worry about anything else.  All social issues can wait.

D.  Has experience as an executive of a city of more than 6 million residents and has experience of being an executive during a major terrorist attack (I’m flexible on this, but not by much).

All I really want is someone who will put sane economic values and foreign policy at the front of the line.  Is that too much to ask?

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