Some quick GOP election thoughts 8/16

1.  Bachmann needs to replace some of her people.  Her stands on actual policy are consistent, logical, and she stands by what she says.  But these minor little gaffes she keeps making are getting silly.  Now I think everybody is making gaffes like this (for instance has anyone noticed Obama can’t pronounce the word Pakistan…Pakeeeeeeestan) and that there is a double-standard being held to Bachmann.  You may remember that every small flaw that Hillary had was front page news.  The media is a bunch of misogynists, and they are proving that once again.  However, that doesn’t excuse the fact that this is now the 2nd gaffe with an American icon.  Yes these facts are minor and pointless, but Bachmann needs to understand, right, wrong or indifferent she is being held to a higher standard and needs these gaffes to stop.

2.  I was wrong, Rick Perry is not going after the nutty-Christian voters that went for Huckabee.  Perry is challenging Ron Paul for the full-blown batshit crazy voters.  I don’t want Perry or Paul as president…however I think we should have a debate between these two and put it on Pay Per View…we could pay off a healthy chunk of the debt with that freak-show.

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