More reflections on London

Something I realized I didn’t deal with in the last article. How are we going to deal with the possibility of rioters?

Let me just say I’m not thrilled with a lot of the options.

I’ve heard shutting down social media, I’ve seen San Francisco actually shutting down the internet (always hand it to liberals to be the first to act like this is a Reich and not a republic) . I’ve even heard using thick oil based paint that is near impossible to wash off on the rioters and just pick them up a couple days later.

I understand why all of these might be suggested. I understand the fear of chaos, the desire to protect the innocent, the want to maintain stability before it degenerates. But these things can never be allowed to happen.

As much as these might seem like solutions, and as funny as the images of rioters covered in pink paint for days might be, this is a cure that’s worse than the disease.

These are the tactics of dictators, tyrant and despots. These tactics could just as soon be used against those peacefully protesting, those engaging in true civil disobedience (emphasis on the civil). Communication cannot be shut down, because for all of the terrible things it does, it brings more good into the world. Tyranny cannot long survive in an open society where people can voice their displeasure. And for better or for worse history tells us that right now, a period of economic instability, is the perfect breeding ground for a tyranny. A weapon like this that could be used against a just and peaceful protest cannot be allowed under any circumstances (quite frankly the people who shut down the internet in San Fran need to be jailed immediately as a warning to others not to try that again). In the end these are tools governments can never, under any circumstances, be allowed to use because it will always end with an outright abridgment of freedoms for all.

Now, however, once a riot starts, all bets are off. I suggest we make it quite clear that from now on we’ll skip the tear gas, the water hoses, and the rubber bullets. We need to go straight to the SWAT snipers with real bullets. Once you start breaking the law and threatening others lives and property you have put yourself outside the protection of the law and into a state of war, you have no right and no expectation of protection. And it may be cruel but a few dead rioters will cause the riot to disperse and thus save more lives, more property, and more rights of the innocent.

And if police want to monitor open Facebook and Twitter accounts, fine. If they’re open then you have no expectation of privacy. If they’re closed they need a warrant…although if they’re closed and were used to plan mobs or riots of any form, that private nature should be considered conspiracy in the legal sense and added to the charges against the rioters.

(although rioters covered in pink paint is still funny, but it will have to remain in my mind’s eye).

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