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Iowa Debate Recap: First Impressions

I don’t have a TV, let alone cable, so I’m mainly getting clips and segments of transcript (nobody seems to have a full transcript out yet)…but my first impression is that I was underwhelmed by this debate.  Romeny is still an ass.  Pawlenty too apparently. Huntsmen came off as mentally unstable (am I the only one who thought he was going to cry more than Glenn Beck?).  On economics I like Ron Paul, on foreign policy it becomes all too clear this man must never be allowed within 500 yards of the White House.  Santorum did us a favor by showing that Bachmann could be be a lot, lot crazier when it comes to religion.  I hope Cain and Gingrinch find jobs in the new administration, just not the main one.  But overall nothing new.

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