Where do we stand with the GOP hopefuls?

So I hear that there’s a GOP debate coming up. Thank God, most of these so called candidates seemed to have dropped off the face of the Earth for the last few weeks. I’m so glad during a major battle over the future of the U.S. economy most of the candidates decided to act as presidential as Obama and not come out with a plan or even for the most part say where they stand. Yes, thank you guys for showing how much of a leader you will be.

Since this is becoming a very wide field of contenders (mostly losers) I’m only going to cover people who are averaging at least 10% in the Real Clear Politics average  (mostly losers…two of whom aren’t even declared candidates). Currently this list is Romney (I’m certainly not thrilled), Perry (religious wacko), Palin (amoral demagogue), Bachman (my second choice by default), and Giuliani (master tactician and the next president of the United States).

Can I get another option?

Let’s start with Romney who is still in front (damned if I know why). Gee it was so nice that during this whole budget debate this man was nowhere to be seen. No plan, no comment, no lending moral support to the GOP. That’s what you call a leader—a man who does not risk his neck to stand on principle.

What is it that I dislike about Romney? Is it that he believes Health Care is a right like any good liberal? Is it that it seems he opposes the 2nd Amendment like any good liberal? Is it that he believes the government can mandate you buy something (like health insurance) like any good liberal? Is it that he supports federal funding for abortions like any good liberal?Is it because he buys into the religion of global warming like any good liberal? Is it because he’s a tax and spend liberal?

I don’t know what it is about Romney…oh wait, I do…he’s a goddamn liberal! If he wants to go challenge Obama for the Democratic nomination, more power to him, but this idiot needs to leave the Republican Party now!

Let me put it this way, convincing me that Romney is conservative is about as effective as convincing me that this parrot is alive:


Unlike Newsweek I fully admit my picture choices are completely biased.

Running in second place we have Gov. Perry, who apparently decided that with Huckabee out he could easily slip into the radical-wacko Christian slot for the GOP. Wow, Romney and Perry are the front runners, the liberal wing of the party and the nutty Christian wing, the two wings that need to leave this party and never come back! For instance, Perry in addition to holding a big prayer vigil this week also felt the need to talk about abortion as a state’s rights issue but that he would support an amendment against it…and I think there’s something about gay marriage in there too. Yes, that makes sense, the economy is falling to pieces and we still have that little problem of Islamic Terrorism (and their partners in crime Chinese Tyranny) to worry about…but clearly abortion and gay marriage are the first things we need to deal with. I have no problem with Christians, even Christians who hold moral values antithetical to my own, but I have serious problems with idiots who think their religion is more important than things that actually matter. I have thousands of spiritual issues I think are important and society needs to change, but I guess not one of them is more important than the economy and blowing up evil people. Not one. The crazy Christian wing needs to realize this as well. Economy, foreign policy…right now just about nothing else matters. Perry clearly doesn’t get this.

She would sell her soul for a dime...yours for even less.

In fourth place we have Sarah “I will say anything to further my bank account” Palin. Her clever comment about if the Tea Party was acting as terrorists then Obama would love us aside, I abhor this woman’s lack of principles. I find it shocking that Republicans like this woman. But what’s not to like? The fact that as governor of Alaska she supported raising taxes on corporations? Perhaps that she blamed banks for the financial collapse and not the government for forcing them to make those bad loans. Or that her answer to education is to spend more, like any good liberal would say.  Seeking government subsidies to help pay for her TV show. Maybe it was her supporting pork like the bridge to nowhere.

Or then there’s that little thing about who she likes as a politician. She says she supports the Tea Party. Really? The Tea Party is against amnesty for illegal aliens, against raising taxes, against curtailing free speech, against growing government, against massive spending. All the darling projects of one bleeding heart liberal named John McCain. And Palin endorsed McCain in his run for the Senate. Can’t have it both ways. She either supports the ideals of the Tea Party or she supports the opposite of those ideals embodied in John McCain. She endorsed McCain….but actually she can have it both ways. Why? Because she has absolutely not a single shred of integrity or morals. She will go with any idea, any position, or any group if she thinks it will get her money or power. She’s a demagogue, nothing more. Certainly not stupid, because she has engineered her rise quite well, but certainly not a principled human being either.

Don't disappoint me Bachman

Then we come to Michele Bachman. My reluctant 2nd choice. My second choice because you have to admire her being the only one to take a stand on this debt debate. Take a stand, articulate it and not budge. I believe that’s called character. I agree with her hard line stance that government needs to cut; spending needs to be cut, the size and scope of the federal government needs to be cut. I’m also so what happy with this statement she made during her first debate on her opinion of states that are allowing gay marriage, “I’m running for the presidency of the United States. And I don’t see that it’s the role of a president to go into states and interfere with their state laws.” To me this says she understands that these religious issues are not as important as the economy.

Why am I reluctant? Because all those other comments she’s made about gays and about abortion. Makes me worry just a little about how much she would make them a priority in her administration…mind you not enough that if was between her and Romney or her and Perry or her and Obama I wouldn’t vote for her, but enough that I would still not be thrilled doing it. But there is a way out that will make me put away my reservations. All she has to do is take up GOProud, the real gay Republican organization, (not to be confused with the liberals who are the Log Cabin Republicans) meet with them, agree that gay rights are a state’s rights issue and thus not under the authority of the presidency, and just agree to disagree. (I’d be even more thrilled to hear her endorse my plan to strike the concept of marriage from the law books and leave that up to the churches…but I’m hopeful not delusional). She could even make an announcement with the honorary chair of GOProud’s advisory council, Ann Coulter, that way she would get both the moderate social part of the country and the hard line fiscal conservatives in one moment. Please Michele show me you’re far-sighted enough to realize this is in your and the country’s best interests.

And finally, my man, perhaps the second coming of Reagan to Obama’s second coming of Carter, Rudy Giuliani. The man is not even running yet and he’s already higher than most of the field! I am hoping for an entry into the field by the end of the month with the shock and tactical genius of Sun Tzu himself. And it appears from the signs I may not be wrong. 

Our greatest hope

I will hold out hope for the unstoppable force of Giuliani/Bachmann as long as I can.

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