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Some Heartfelt Appreciation for the President (via International Liberty)

Some Heartfelt Appreciation for the President This sarcastic motivational poster has been circulating for a few years, but somehow it seems appropriate to post it today. … Read More

via International Liberty

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What’s wrong with this headline?

From the Financial Times

Fed forced to consider fresh stimulus



Yes of course.  The last few times we tried this it didn’t work.  The markets hated that we didn’t cut and cut our bond rating because we didn’t cut.  Clearly spending more is what is called for.


Remind me what the definition of insanity is?


I personally like the word “forced.”  We have no choice whatsoever but to consider doing exactly what got us into this mess and what we under no circumstances should do again.  I’d like to think up more headlines along this line.

600 pound man forced to consider trip to McDonalds.

Doctors forced to consider new round of blood letting.

Hollywood forced to consider making more worthless shit.

Student forced to consider playing video games instead of doing work.

Lawyers forced to consider suing more people who were not responsible for their client being an idiot.  (Oh, wait that’s exactly what lawyers do.  Have I mentioned we need tort reform?)

Apparently the people over at the Financial Times seem to think that there are just squads of vicious psychopaths running around, putting guns to our head, and forcing us to do things that we don’t want to do.  (Actually there are such groups, they’re called IRS agents).








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