Laws for the GOP to pass: If we’re paying for it, you will take advantage of it.

The two single greatest expenditures of the federal government are Medicaid and Medicare. Now I have gone over in other places about how the government has absolutely no right, no authority, no logical reason, and no Constitutional power to provide these so called services which just encourage learned helplessness, lack of responsibility, fraud, waste and lower quality health care service.

Now I also admit that these evil programs have become so entrenched in American society that you just can’t kill them in one fell swoop (as much as that idea makes me smile)—they need to be hacked to pieces with a machete and left to bleed out and die over the course of a decade or so. The first move needs to be completely overturning Obamacare, Bush’s prescription drug benefit, and an across the board 10% reduction in all payments. Increased penalties for Medicaid and Medicare fraud (maybe life without parole) couldn’t hurt either.

But the next requirement that needs to be made is as follows: If you receive government paid for medical care then you MUST follow the orders of your doctor. If your doctor tells you to give something up you must. If your doctor orders you to take something, you MUST. If your doctor orders you to exercise, meditate, relax you MUST. Failure to comply with a doctor’s orders will mean you are booted out of the system for five years.

I can already hear the whiners at the ACLU, people have the liberty to choose not accept their doctor’s instructions; you can’t mandate that they follow it, people have liberty. Yes people, more accurately, adults have liberty. But if you want to act like a child and say you are not responsible for your own bills and expenses, that someone else should foot the bill, then you’re no more mature than any teenager (although I find teenagers more reasonable). So just as your parents said before you left, as long as I the taxpayer am footing the bills, you will follow whatever rules I dictate. Don’t like it, don’t take the money.

This includes but should not be limited to the usual order:
Don’t drink
Don’t smoke
Don’t take any drug the doctor didn’t prescribe you
Avoid red meat
Avoid sugar
Avoid caffeine
Avoid fats
Don’t eat fast food
Reduce your portion size
(Most of us get told to work less by our doctors, but I somehow feel this isn’t an issue for the welfare brats on Medicaid and Medicare).  If your doctor reports that you are not following instructions to your Medicaid or Medicare provider, you’re off the roles for five years.  I encourage all doctors to find their inner Greg House.
Don’t want to give up that stuff? Don’t take federal money. No one forced you to take it.

If I am going to be stuck paying for your lazy asses medical problems for at least another decade (probably more) then by God I will not be paying for medical problems that could have been avoided by you just living with some modicum of common sense.

Am I a hypocrite because I enjoy some of those things on that list and don’t feel I should have to give them up? Nope. The freedom to choose what to do with my life comes with actually working and providing for myself and not demanding that someone else must support me. I’ve earned my choices. If you’re on my dime, you’ve earned nothing. You still have freedom; the freedom not to go on the dole, but understand that using my money comes with conditions.

Not only should this save us billions in not treating perfectly preventable diseases that were not prevented, but it will get the people who have no desire to help themselves get off of our dime—by even a conservative estimate this will be a healthy chunk of the people who are bleeding us dry from their Medicare and Medicaid benefits.

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