Polls Numbers and Spin

This is an interesting way to spin something…

In the latest Gallup numbers, Gallup states:

Obama Rates Higher Than Boehner, Reid on Debt Situation

Fine that’s all well and good, I have no great faith in the intelligence of people so I’m not greatly shocked by these numbers…but then I actually looked at the numbers.

Now when you look at it, yes Obama at 41% is higher than Boehner (31) and Reid (23).  But is it fair to say that Obama rates higher?  No it’s not.

Because all you have to do is look at the next column.  52% disapprove of Obama and Reid and only 48% disapprove of Boehner.  It’s only a 4% difference but it’s very telling in both attitudes of the nation and the way that Gallup seems to be spinning data.  The title could have said more Americans disapprove of Democrat handling of debt debate.  Or you could have said over half of the nation disapproves of Obama’s handling of the debt ceiling…but we wouldn’t want to do that.  Why?  Because one of the most basic truths of American politics is that, for the most part, we don’t vote for politicians, we vote against them.  America didn’t vote for Clinton, they voted against Bush.  America didn’t vote for Bush, they voted against Clinton’s lackey Gore.  They didn’t vote for Bush as much as they voted against someone as slimy as Kerry (and his running mate who was a paragon of virtue, class and moral character).  And they certainly didn’t vote for Obama as much as they voted against a continuation of liberal RINO’s like Bush in the form of a senile corrupt Senator from Arizona named McCain.  The Tea Party might actually be one of the few times people voted for someone (but mainly because the Tea Party was AGAINST so many things).

So what does this mean?  It means that 52% of the country is against Obama.  And it’s not just a wishy-washy part of the country.  You’ll notice that while with Obama there were 8% of people who had no opinion (because this 8-15% seems to perpetually live in a cave and no opinion about anything!) there were 25% who had no opinion on Reid.  The higher number on Reid is indicative of people who really don’t follow the news and thus have less of an informed opinion on the second tier characters in the story of politics.  But notice that when you take out the clueless the same amount of America (52%) is very, very upset with Obama and the liberals. People who have something to vote against are more likely to turn up at the ballot box than people who have something to vote for.  Over half the country seems to disagree with Obama and his party over the debt, which means they disagree with him on the economy…the economy?  Isn’t that going to be the single largest issue in the next election?  Yes, yes it is!

Over half the country wants him gone.  A poll like this reveals that this is an election for the Republicans to lose (which they could easily do if they nominate Palin) and not one for Obama to win.  Numbers like this reveal that Obama’s only chance is to either dive to the center (which an arrogant narcissist like him won’t do) or pray that the GOP nominates a complete moron who will shoot themselves in the foot (given every GOP nominee since 1988 that is still a serious possibility).

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